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Interview: Brooke Turner

The first single ‘Ooh’ from your EP ‘Why” is out! Congratulations!

Thank you I really appreciate it!

For our readers out there, who have yet to hear your music, how would you describe your artist sound?

I’ve been told by many that, while I have a very unique sound, sometimes they get touches of artists like Ariana Grande or Jhené Aiko. So, it’s definitely a Pop/R&B sound. For me, I love to tell stories, so all of my songs are very story driven. When you listen to the EP in order, you will ride the wave of that story. Since I have a more clean, “sweet” tone, I prefer to contrast that with the production being slightly darker and almost melancholic. Luckily in this EP, Sai (SYRUM) and Rufus (Rufus Phillips) did such a great job balancing this! They’re crazy talented!

The EP was recorded at the Legendary Digital Boombox studios, owned by Hiphop icon Too $hort correct? What was that like?

That is true J It was a really cool experience, the facility is breath-taking, it’s huge! They have many studios in there and they even have a large stage for in house performances. I recorded in a room that is themed with LA’s city scape.

What was the process when you wrote the songs for the project?

Firstly, we decided on the overall feeling of each track, then Sai and Rufus came up with the instrumentals. From there I went over the stories I wanted to tell on each track with Ben (“Ben Official” Ojei) and together we came up with the lyrics and melodies. I really enjoyed being involved in the whole process, it’s so much fun working with such gifted people. I can’t talk too much about the other songs yet as they’re still yet to be released, but I can say I’m very excited to launch them and I think my audience will be pleased.

Your music video is stunning. Tell us a little about the process, who was involved in it etc.

Thank you so much! The director Taylor Foster and I came up with the storyboard for the song and took it to DP Camilo Godoy where we all really flushed the concept and logistics together. The thing that was great about the crew was that I was friends with everyone involved. I’m blessed to have such talented friends. That’s the same with the songs actually, they’re all friends as well. The other people involved in filming were Mathew Lemus as ‘1st AC’ and Nick Weir as the ‘Gaffer’. In the post-production stages was also Matthew Marchak as ‘editor’ and the ‘colourist’ was Alexander Godoy. Luckily, Matt was so sweet and patient allowing me to sit in with him throughout segments of the editing process to really help me portray the visual I was going for. We filmed the whole video in a 12-hour day. It was long, but I was with friends, so it was a blast!

Wow that’s amazing! How did you meet all these friends?

Taylor was actually my first friend in LA, we met at an acting summer boot camp a few years ago now. As for the rest of the boys in film, I met them a couple years ago at an In-N-Out, funny enough. It was absolutely packed, and I was sitting by myself; then one of them came up to me asking if he and his friends could share the table. I of course said sure, so we all got to talking and they had all just graduated from Full Sail film school and had just moved to LA. From there we just agreed to hang out a few days later and the rest is history. For my music boys, I met them at a studio that we all used to be a part of in Hollywood and from there we all became friends. Honestly, it was so fun working in this capacity, with friends I mean, because even when you’re working it doesn’t feel like it and on top that we are all doing what we love.

This video is a bit more mature than your previous releases, has there been any backlash?

No luckily. So far, I’ve only had really positive reviews on both the song and the video. Well actually, one person decided to criticize my toothbrushing technique which I thought was hilarious. Basically, he was upset I was brushing from side to side, instead of up and down. I guess it’s a good thing I use an electric toothbrush normally haha.

Where can our readers watch your video/stream the EP

The best place to go is  One can conveniently find all of the above there. Happy listening!

Thank you so much Brooke for this wonderful interview! Make sure you watch and stream her new song! She is definitely an artist to keep on the lookout for!

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