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How Akeem Mair and Wesley Mair became Apex Legends

They say when you get an opportunity, no matter what; you must take your chances. Just like this, Akeem Mair took the opportunity to appear in the Apex Legends Commercial. Although the requirements were not being perfectly set on him, he tried his luck.

The story began in December 2020, when Akeem Mair received an email of casting notice for “real brothers” for the popular game Apex Legends. Reading the email, the thought of Wesley Mair, his brother, came to his mind with whom he used to play Super Nintendo in his childhood. He wanted to audition it with his brother whom he contacted right away about the situation. The only problem was the age as the email specified the brother’s age should be from 14 to 20 years.

Not being intimidated by the age factor, Akeem Mair confidently decided to give the audition for the commercial. For many years, Akeem was waiting for such an opportunity; a chance to work in an ad. Moreover, both brothers Akeem and Wesley were thrilled to be a part of something they can enjoy which is playing video games. With no more time-wasting, Akeem called his agent Sarah Angeli from Commercial Talent Agency to give their names for the audition of the commercial.

The next day, Akeem received the call from the casting team and told him to give the audition. He immediately contacted Wesley as there was not much time left to prepare and the audition was the next day. The whole night, they were trying different ideas to prepare the perfect script. However, both brothers set up the suitable studio lights at the house of Wesley, memorized the script, delivered it with their 100%, and sent it to the casting agency. Within three days, they got the call back and were told that they loved their tape. The director Shelley Lewis said: “It was so original and authentic.” They were asked to do it one more time and this time they were given real headsets and console controllers. They were also asked to do squabbling in a brotherly manner. To this, both brothers replied:” That’s easy, we fight over video games all the time to see who is better.”

With the whole team’s support, the shoot became enjoyable and memorable for everyone. 

After that, Akeem and Wesley were scheduled for December 28th, January 5th, and January 8th for the final wardrobe and tech. However, the casting team loved what both brothers were wearing during the shoots and told them to wear the same on the final shoot day. Yet Akeem adds another thing to his outfit: a cap. Seeing him with a cap, director Shelley ended up buying him an Apex Legend cap which Akeem gratefully accepted. Afterward, he said publicly that Shelley was one of the best directors he has worked with.  

In January, Mary Leake, the assistant production supervisor, sent out the call sheet. It is then Akeem Mair noticed the name of Bryson Tiller as one of the participants in the commercial and made him realize that the commercial is such a huge project.

In short, the courage of Akeem and not being daunted resulted in huge success for him and his brother.      

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