D-Smoke is back on the scene with a fantastic new single and music video: Estamos Dominando (featuring 3DWon, OddBall aka Yung OB, and Odran)

June 2021 – D-Smoke is back on the scene with a brand new studio release titled Estamos Dominando, which also features 3DWon, OddBall aka Yung OB, and Odran. This unique piece of music is a groundbreaking example of the sheer amount of creativity and focus on the artist’s music. This excellent release combines influences as diverse as modern hip-hop and trap-soul with some great lyrics in Spanish to seamlessly blur the lines between different ideas while also striving to add more to the table and create some outstanding sonic dynamics. The first thing that you will notice is the excellent introduction. The underlying melody is a simple piano loop, with only a few notes placed the right way. You don’t need to go the incredibly complex route to create a killer underlying melody, and this intro is the perfect example that less is more when it comes to great hip-hop. Remember, it’s more about the texture than trying to jam a thousand notes in a bar! The 808s are massive, and the beat has a focused sound, with the hi-hats driving the flow of this vision to absolute perfection.

Instrumentally, the song immediately creates an immersive texture. The arrangement is relatively restrained but in the best possible way. Keeping things simple and focusing on keeping the beat solid and atmospheric makes it feel like each artist has enough room to express his vision and personality on this excellent track truly. In short, this is the perfect way for each performer involved to let his vocal mastery unfold. This banging beat seems to be a great match with the intensity of the vocal, leading to a solid performance from the artist and a cohesive listening experience that won’t let you down.

The melodies are catchy and intuitive. More importantly, the vocal parts hit the spot, showcasing all the performers’ excellence in capturing the true nature of their lyrics through a sincere and spontaneous performance that’s easily relatable; this is something that we often take for granted as listeners. However, it is not that easy to create such a genuine sound, as some artists might struggle to reveal their full range of emotion through music, regardless of the genre they play. Thankfully, this is not the case here! If great music made with focus and passion is your thing, this one will be something for you to consider.

Ultimately, this comes highly recommended if you enjoy artists such as Juice WRLD, as well as Post Malone and XXXTENTACION, only to mention a few. Estamos Dominando, which translates to “We Are Dominating” in English, is a perfect combination of catchy hooks and energetic performances, with an arrangement that feels balanced and well-conceived from the get-go; the rap verses and the melodic choruses complement each other profoundly. The fact that different artists are involved allows each verse to be equally unique and incredibly diverse. Each voice brings something special to the mix, not only in lyrical flow but also in texture and style, since each artist hits the mic differently!

In addition to the excellent production and flow of the song, the music video is incredible. The clip showcases the artists at work in the studio, creating their tracks and getting in the booth to lay down some fired-up vocal tracks. The artists decided to record this track at the excellent Zona Zero Recording Studios, which looks like a super cozy and high-tech studio space, perfect for a song like this!

Each track has a distinctive flow and personality. It is fascinating to see the recording process in action, giving the fans an insight into how each artist relates to being in the studio and dropping lines in front of the mic. Singing and rapping in the studio can be a very personal thing, and different artists have different ways to move around the mic and even use their hands and body movement to drive the flow of the performance. The studio environment makes for a more collaborative experience as well,

as with different minds in action, anything can happen!

Find out more about D-Smoke, 3DWon, OddBall, aka Yung OB, and Odran. Don’t miss out on the artist’s fantastic new release, Estamos Dominando, which stands out as a great example of what these talented collaborators can accomplish.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mZwjHze5eE

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2qybVAoSNmhCCUXpNFe0Sg?si=RMjWZu7dTLqbftZ2OOWcgQ&utm_source=copy-link

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