An Interview with Tanarak Visessonchoke – Awards-Winning Wedding Photographer

A photographer who was everywhere

Fascinated in photography since 10, Tanarak is extremely sensitive to things happened around him. This is because he thinks emotion may happen any second. Only through continuous observation can one capture the spontaneous emotion of the newly wedded couple and their friends and relatives.

How did you create your own international brand, what state is the path from when you started today, which has allowed you to become who you are?

My style of photography is natural approach with un-obstructive way nowadays they call wedding photojournalist style I do that every single wedding I shoot, and I also add my personal touch of art and angle that create my own style also the colorful, bright, and cheerful feel to every single frame I create. I have Architectural degree and work as the graphic/art director for many years before I start my photography career. I think that help me a lot for framing the subject, look at the right elements and create work of art in my own way.

How do you relate with the brides and how do you manage the signature of contracts?

Mostly I’ve the meeting in my studio with every couple, show them my work and sample album, 90% of them already seen a lot of my work online and know all my packages price. I normally let them to go back and think carefully before, I am not a kind of photographer who push and ask them to sign the contract just want them to feel comfortable and 100% sure they want my service.

Would you rather face the day in a detached way, or would you prefer to know as much as possible to be able to relate in a more friendly and get involved in the events?

I prefer to know as much as possible what will happen on the day beforehand, I like to listen to the couple. The more I listen to their story, understand their feeling, the more elements I can put into the picture and make them look extraordinary, but on the day itself I will just be the observer, document all the moments without any interfere or interrupt any moments of the day.

You got a very recognizable style you see that you’ve done careful research, how you got there?

My style of wedding photography is based on natural & real moments and the color I try to use natural color with very minimum photoshopped with heavy effect, I think the natural color is the best way to present the images and you can look back at the picture no matter how long the time past.

You had done a lot of wedding in the past, any famous or celebrities that you have take their wedding you can share?

Yes, I done a lot of weddings in the past 14 years, more than 400 wedding as I can recall.

I have done a lot of celebrities wedding; some I can share and some they really want privacy and I have signed the NDA with them so I cannot really tell much. But some of them I can share, like

We can see that you received a lot of international awards in wedding photo, that is very impressive. Could you tell us the list of awards you received in the past?

Yes, sure! I received awards from WPJA, AGWPJA and few other associations. I am also in the top 100 list of international wedding photographer (around the world) in 2011, 2012, 2014, & 2016. And below are my list of awards in the past.


Top 10 Wedding Photographer in San Francisco, USA
Jan 2019

Weddingwire Couples’ Choice Awards 2019
Jan 2019

Top 5 Wedding Photographer in San Francisco, USA
Jul 2018

Weddingwire Couples’ Choice Awards 2018
Jan 2018

Top 3 Wedding Photographer in Hong Kong
Wedding Photojournalist Association
Sep 2017

TOP 100 International Wedding Photographer 2016
Dec 2016

TOP 100 International Wedding Photographer 2014
Dec 2014

TOP 100 International Wedding Photographer 2012
Dec 2012

TOP 100 International Wedding Photographer 2011
Dec 2011

WPJA – The Wedding Photojournalist Association

2nd Place: 2018 V06 “Toasting/Speeches”
4th Place: 2014 Q4 “Kids”
3rd Place: 2012 Q4 “Toasting/Speeches”
9th Place: 2012 Q4 “Ring Details”
18th Place: 2012 Q2 – “Toasting/Speeches”
7th Place: 2012 Q1 – “Ceremony”
2nd Place: 2011 Q2 – “Portrait of the Bridal Party”
12th Place: 2009 Q4 – “Emotion”
19th Place: 2009 Q4 – “Reflection”

AG|WPJA – The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association

1st Place – 2016 Q1
3rd Place – 2015 Q3
4th Place – 2014 Q4 – “Getting Ready”
5th Place: 2012 Q4 – “Ring Details”
11th Place: 2012 Q4 – “Ring Details”
12th Place: 2012 Q4 – “Reception”
10th Place: 2012 Q2 – “Flower Details”

10 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits
2 True Love Captured Awards from Real Weddings – TLC

Do you have any workshop or class with other photographers that do group sessions or share?

Yes,sometimes I do some gathering or mini sharing session or workshop to share some knowledge among other photographers.

And in the past, I was guest speaker to Nikon Thailand and Thailand wedding photographer association to share my experience for my international brand of wedding photography which not many wedding photographers in Thailand can do. The event has around 300 Thai photographers joined and listen to the workshop.

I also help them to judge the wedding photo competition and share my feedback and comments to the competitor who participate.

Do you have any exhibition about your work before?

I have one Exhibition in Bangkok before, but it was in Architect Thailand event (as I am architect before I become photographer) they invited me to show my photo about home what’s the meaning of home in my view. The exhibition call “BAAN BAAN Photo Essay”

Do you have any message for fellow photographers who follow your work?

Thank you! I hope my work can inspire some of you and my story can help you define who you are and know your true style is the best for your wedding photography business.

I also in the process of produce my photo book to sell, it will be my work for the past 400 couples I have been document the wedding for them. It is like my lifelong career album! I will share all my knowledge on how I build my brand and make it become as it is today.

To learn more about Tanarak visit his website and Instagram.



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