SINGLE REVIEW: I Never Catch The Train by Sarantos

You could call Singer/Songwriter, Sarantos something of a renaissance man. In addition to his musical exploits, he also dabbles in radio, literature, poetry and according to him, espionage. That last bit either alludes to his sense of humor or delusions of grandeur. Truth be told, both are ingredients to a successful career dish. Sarantos boasts a strong social media following, and seems to have at least a functional grasp of modern methodology.


Sarantos’ newest single is entitled, “I Never Catch The Train.” Sarantos sound and style is somewhat difficult to describe, which is not unusual, but in his case is peculiar. It could be because you don’t really hear an abundance of musical influences, contained within his work. Often, especially as a musician, you can at the very least, vaguely detect the artist’s tastes, while listening to their work. With Sarantos, his musical inspiration is not particularly transparent.

Sarantos himself, is hard to get much of a grip on, whatsoever. We do know he is of Greek descent, but he is not overly informative about his roots. Instead, he chooses to focus on his list of accolades, and the multitude of projects, he is involved with. As aforementioned, he seems to have an understanding of how to use social media to his advantage, as he has over 300,000 followers on Facebook, alone. This is especially impressive, when you consider that he is a one man operation.

You could call “I Never Catch The Train,” a pop song for the digital age. The vocals and the melody take precedence over the music, which is mostly there to provide a backdrop to the former. Sarantos shows good vocal range, only impeded by an overhaul of syllables and run-on words. There are some great moments for him, vocally, and even lyrically, but it will take some polishing to get this one ready for any degree of mass consumption. Having said that, the song does have its bright spots.

Again, the overriding question is where does Sarantos want to go with his music? Is it a part of a much larger media package, designed to acquaint the world with the entity that is Sarantos? Only one person knows the answer to that question, or does he? Perhaps, what’s more important at press time, is convincing people to take the ride with him. Sarantos has the means to connect with people, due to his wide range of practices and pursuits.

For now, “I Never Catch The Train” is a glimpse into the very unique world and mind of Sarantos. One scroll of his Facebook page, lets you know we are dealing with a different type of cat, here. In the arts, standing out is always a good thing, but getting people to care about you is an entirely different battle altogether. There is a certain savviness and lucidity in Sarantos’ eyes that can’t be denied, and it leaves you to wonder how many tricks he has up his sleeve. Those eyes should remain wide open, so he can see the train and make sure he boards it into the next phase of his journey.

by Bethany Page

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