It’s Time For Another Bold Remix From twocolors

Taking “Like No Other” and bringing it firmly into 2021 are the Berlin producers collectively known as the duo twocolors. They have once more been enlisted by rock band The Dead Daisies to rework a piece of their stadium-sized back catalogue, having already worked on “Make It Louder” and “Mexico.”

For “Like No Other,” the pair is at their best. They are able to draw upon its lead melody sung with gusto by Glenn Hughes and create an atmospheric backdrop for it by introducing clean layers of drums beats and a distinctive drop that gives it instant dancefloor feels.

The Dead Daisies say: “We are really happy about this remix of ‘Like No Other’! Once again remixed by our friends twocolors – this one really rocks and makes you want to dance at the same time! Check it out and enjoy – perfect for the start of the summer!

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