How to Give Your Precious Golf Clubs Some TLC?

Playing golf can be immensely relaxing and great for networking; however, unfortunately, it can also be quite expensive. A set of golf clubs can set you back by a pretty sum, and since they also tend to grow on you in terms of feel and fit, you will want to use them for as long as possible. It is, therefore, important for you to know how to take good care of your golfing equipment.

Frequency of Cleaning Golf Clubs

The best way to care for your golf clubs is to clean them after playing each round. Not only will this keep them looking good, but also you will notice a significant difference in their performance. When your clubs are free of dirt and debris, the interaction with the golf ball is invariably better, giving you better control over your shots when playing in TimberStone Golf Course.

How to Clean Golf Clubs?

The best way of cleaning your golf clubs is to wipe them with a damp cloth after every round or even more frequently if required. If they are very dirty, you can add some mild dishwashing soap to a bucket of warm water and soak the heads of your clubs. Avoid submerging the hosel to avoid the risk of spoiling the ferrule. Use a soft bristle brush like a kitchen brush or even a toothbrush to scrub clean the grooves. Don’t make the mistake of using a wire brush, as you can damage the club heads.

The Importance of Cleaning the Grooves on the Golf Club Heads

The grooves on the heads of golf clubs perform a critical function. They help to get a good grip on the ball so that you can control your shots with the right amount of spin. If the grooves are dirty or clogged with earth or other debris, they will not provide the desired degree of bite necessary for producing the optimal flight or spin. If you can’t control your shots, your performance on the greens is not going to be satisfactory.

Storing the Golf Cubs Properly 

While you can store your clubs in the golf bag, you must make sure that you clean them first. You must ensure that your clubs are completely dry because if they are damp after your cleaning them, they can easily rust and get spoiled. Keep the golf bag in a cool and dry place like your garage. If you are not playing for some time, you can keep them inside the house where the temperature control is better.


Even if you are playing regularly, it is better not to leave the clubs in the trunk of your car because, in the summer, the heat can be so intense that the epoxy glue used to fix the club-head to the shaft and in the grips can break down. Similarly, extreme cold can cause the grips to become brittle and slick. Using club covers will prevent damage when the clubs knock into each other. By maintaining your golf clubs well, they will last for many seasons and give your immense satisfaction.

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