Here’s Why Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working [7 Reasons]

Is your skincare routine just not up to snuff? Here are seven reasons why it may not be working for you and how to tweak it to improve your skin health!

Finding a skincare routine that works for you is at the forefront of your mind lately. That’s because you’ve been struggling with finding products that work for you. There are so many lotions, creams, and the like available!

How are you supposed to know what works the best?

If you find that your skincare routine is lacking, it’s time to remedy that.

Here are seven reasons why your skincare routine isn’t doing your skin any favors. Never fear. By figuring out what mistakes you may be making, you’ll be able to establish an effective routine!

1. You’re Not Using Products That Agree With Your Skin

You may or may not have sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, you’re more likely to have allergic reactions. Even if you have “normal” skin, you may also have reactions from time to time.

Using products that don’t agree with your skin can lead to breakouts and skin irritation.

Some common ingredients that cause skin irritation are:

  • Parabens
  • Phenoxyethanol,
  • Imidazolidinyl urea
  • DMDM hydantoin
  • Formaldehyde
  • Quaternium-15

Wow, that was a mouth full! Even if you may not know what some of these ingredients are (I sure don’t!), you can keep a lookout for them.

It’s hard to know for sure what products are causing problems. Not knowing makes things challenging. But using the process of elimination can help. With this method, you can decipher which products are the culprits.

Now, if you recently introduced a new product, it should be easy to figure out if that’s the issue. If you’re presenting your skin to more than one product, it’ll take more time. Pausing using one product at a time will help you figure out what products aren’t suitable for your skin.

Zero in on using products that work well for your skin and improve it. Consider buying products from the same beauty brand before introducing anything new.

2. You’re Not Consistent

It’s essential to be consistent with your skincare routine.

If you find your skin is dry, for example, it could be because you’re not religiously applying lotion. It’s better to use it both day and night instead of just in the morning, for example.

And if your skin is bumpy and breaking out more often, are you consistently exfoliating your face?

Your skin thrives on consistency and responds well if you continue to use what works.

If all of a sudden your face is dry, broken out, or having other issues, ask yourself what you’ve changed lately.

Also, keep in mind that your diet affects your skin too. Overeating junk food could be the culprit. Think about what you’ve changed and whether the lack of consistency is throwing your skin off.

Do your best to create beauty habits that enable you to care for your skin. Come up with a beauty routine that you stick with to create the ideal skincare routine.

3. You’re Not Using Anti-Aging Products

Even if you’re in your 20s or 30s, it’s not too early to use anti-aging products. Likewise, if you’re in your 40s and 50s, it’s never too late to use anti-aging products. You can’t rewind the clock, but you can treat your skin to keep it young and vibrant looking.

Your current products may work well for you. You may love your moisturizing lotion and eye cream. Even if you’re fond of existing products, it doesn’t hurt to invest in some anti-aging products as well.

Anti-aging products have certain ingredients that help prevent and treat aging. Experts say it’s best to apply anti-aging products at night. Give your skin time to rejuvenate overnight. Using the right products can work wonders!

A few common anti-aging ingredients are retinoids and vitamin C. They can combat fine lines and wrinkles.

4. You Haven’t Figured Out What Skin Problems You Have

Knowing what type of skin you have will help you figure out what skincare products to use.

If you have dry skin, then applying something with more moisture is ideal.

Whereas if you have oily skin, there’s no need to buy lotion with extra moisture. Lightweight lotion will do just fine.

If you’re struggling with melasma, applying lotion with SPF is essential. Lotion with SPF can help prevent more melasma from developing. There are also topical treatments a dermatologist can prescribe.

You may not be sure where to start or what type of skin you have. Visiting a dermatologist can clear up a lot of questions you have. They can tell you what kind of skin you have and which products your skin may respond to the best.

5. You Keep Changing Products Every Month

You may love to try different products every month, but it’s not exactly good for your skin.

Remember, being consistent with the products you use is critical for any skincare routine. If you’re constantly introducing new products, it can be hard on your skin.

If you find a few products that work well, expand by buying from the same company. Or find a company that uses similar ingredients.

Once you find something that works, stick with it. It may be fun buying new beauty items, but your skin may not respond well. Instead, concentrate on your wardrobe or saving for a new car!

6. You’re Not Eating the Right Foods

Skincare isn’t only about the products you’re using. As I briefly mentioned, it’s also about what you eat!

Your diet plays a big part in how your skin is doing. If your skin is breaking out and is dry and flaky, it could be something you’re applying.

But, your poor diet isn’t helping. You’ve heard it before, but focus on eating the colors of the rainbow! If you haven’t been eating enough fruits and veggies, there’s no better time to start.

Clean up your diet and watch how your skin improves. It’s bound to happen!

7. You’re Not Applying Lotion After You Shower

It’s easy to take a quick shower and not apply lotion. Especially if you’re running out the door, there’s no time to use anything! Remember, though, putting lotion on after your shower is essential. It locks in the moisture.

Plus, if you tend to take hot showers, you need to replenish the moisture you lost. Putting lotion on your body after showering will keep your skin hydrated.

Get into this habit so your skin won’t get dried out. Even if your skin doesn’t tend to get dry, it’s still wise to form this habit.

Caring for your skin will only lead to good results. So it’s worth it to spend a few extra minutes babying your skin after you shower.


Finding a skincare routine may feel like a nuisance. You wish you could find products that work already! But these things take time.

Remember to use products that work well for your skin type and that don’t break you out. Even if you’ve heard good things about an eye cream, for example, it doesn’t mean it’ll work well for you.

Stick to what makes your skin happy. It’ll reward you for taking the time to care for it!

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