Does Your iPhone Have an Overheating Problem? Here’s How To Fix It

iPhones are great. A DSLR-esque camera, great user interface, and reputable software like iOS which can be updated regularly for better use. All of these features make the iPhone a valuable smartphone to own. Some may say it’s even better than what the competition has to offer.

Nonetheless, as with every evolving technological device, the iPhone has its faults too. Many Apple users can often be heard complaining that their iPhone overheats a lot. While this may not make you want to trade in your valuable iPhone for a rival Samsung, it can be annoying to deal with.

In today’s guide, we will be explaining to you what causes the problem of overheating, why this is a problem you should look into, and many solutions to fixing it. For more awesome tips for your tech needs check out the website: They’ve got all sorts of tech buzz from the latest reviews to hacks, tutorials, and guides for your ease.

Why does your iPhone overheat?

Various factors could be behind why your iPhone overheats so much and so often. The most obvious one is that the temperature surrounding your phone has gotten too hot for it to handle. This is likely to occur on the hottest summer days or vacations to the sunny beach.

There is a built-in feature in the iPhone that lets you know that the phone’s temperature is too hot and it needs to cool down.

More technological reasons for why your iPhone overheats point towards issues in the system. Sometimes this can be battery-related or related to the internal software.

The iPhone feature allows background apps to be able to refresh and load without you using them causing your iPhone to overwork itself and maybe why your iPhone overheats.

Why is overheating a cause for concern?

Sometimes your phone will get warm, but if your iPhone overheats regularly, you should be concerned. An iPhone that overheats can lead to many other technical problems that can disrupt the smooth running of your phone

If your iPhone overheats a lot it could lead to poor battery health and drain your phone. Overheating could be a possible cause for other iPhone related problems like a slow operating touch screen or a screen that crashes often.

The solution to overheating:

Now that you know why overheating can be a big issue, don’t start panicking! We’ve got the solutions for overheating right here at your disposal.

Cooling it down

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yes, the solution to overheating is cooling it down. How do you do so? Before you put your iPhone into the refrigerator (caution: you shouldn’t), there are many better and easier alternatives to try.

If your phone has been left in direct sunlight, remove it from that place. Your phone should cool down sooner or later, depending on the length of the exposure.

For the internal issues we noted above, there are various things you can do. The first is to turn off the background app refresh feature from the settings of your phone, if not completely possible turn off selective apps that are not essential running in the background.

Deleting some unnecessary apps that are hoarding your storage may also help in cutting down the energy your iPhone needs to run. Try removing your phone cover as well as it can block the circulation of air to your phone’s vents and cause it to heat up.

Regularly updating your software and your applications can also help improve the efficiency of your phone usage and prevent it from heating up often.

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