Denae’s Electronic Pop-Rap Breaks Through The Noise With The EP My Dark Place

Denae’s electronic pop/rap breaks through the noise with the release of her latest EP, My Dark Place. Home to five soulful tracks, the beautiful Denae courageously shares her deepest core through a vivid creativity, a timeless display of her ability to transform pain, solitude, depression and anxiety into pure sonic beauty. Her works will help and inspire millions of people out there struggling with similar mental health issues, giving them a relatable body of work and sense of not being alone. 

Her vocal signature pop-rap style is a perfect fit with the electronic soundscape, switching between hard-hitting track and more mellow one, sometimes even alternating styles within same tracks. An extremely emotional and personal record, Denae has found the secret formula to convey the feelings to listeners, her voice being the ultimate catalyst to get her through that process. 

She has had considerable success in her other projects, reaching over 5 Million Spotify streams cumulatively with her projects Gioto and Shui & Denae. Thanks to her thought-provoking songwriting skills and ability to compose soundscapes revolving around depth and melodicity, she creates an instant connection with the listeners, almost triggering them to face their own challenges and emotions. 

“Last Night,” and  “All Noise,” are some of the gems on this EP, but frankly, all tracks are potential hits. The release of Danae’s My Dark Place paving the way for major things coming her way this year.

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