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The most popular interior design trends of 2021

If you want to redecorate at home this year, this is the article for you. 2021 has delivered an incredible range of gorgeous interior design trends, sure to inspire you when you start to redecorate – We Buy Any House have put together their favourites!


Minimalism is a stunning trend that will always be popular, but this year it’s coming back bigger and better than ever before. This style focuses on open space, working in both big and smaller homes alike, making it versatile impressively.

If you’ve been considering redecorating your home in this minimalistic style, the secret is to simply limit the amount of stuff that you’ve got and make sure that the pieces that you do have out all work together and create a beautiful, flawless theme throughout the house. Pick your preferred colour scheme, make sure you stick to it and remember that less really is more!


A style that provides a perfect contrast to the very popular minimalist trend, maximalism is a wonderfully exciting style that is not one for the faint of heart. This is the complete opposite of the minimal approach, letting you focus on creating multiple layers of colour and exciting prints that combine and result in a very effective, almost-too-much vibe when you enter the room.

Animal prints and bold, clashing colours are what this trend is all about, and while a lot of people might think that this trend is a really easy one where you can just throw anything you like into the room, it’s actually very tough to perfect. You need to hit just the right balance for this trend to work properly, and it can take a while to find that balance. The best way to approach this one is to work slowly in layers and keep adding things until you nail that sweet spot.


This is a timelessly classic style that will always be a popular trend – however, these colours are sneaking into rooms that they haven’t before, specifically in bathrooms which is a really big change. Generally, bathrooms will sit on a neutral colour palette; think whites, light greys, some stone shades. The welcoming of black into bathrooms is a beautiful one that we wish had happened before now!

Black can feel like quite an intimidating colour, especially in rooms that have always been so light, but these black hues can be added slowly until you hit the desired effect that you’re looking to achieve, so focus on small touches first, and then you can work your way up to bigger additions if you choose to. Shower frames with black edges give an amazingly sleek and clean-cut look to any bathroom and will transform the room with such a little change.


This trend is another that’s been popular for a while now, but we’re seeing it become a firm favourite this year, entering millions of homes across the country. This trend is based on the scandi-style patterns and gives off fun Aztec vibes.

There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate this bohemian vibe into your home, so start with your accessories; think pillows, soft throws, and large rugs with the classic ziggy-zaggy patterns. This trend works best with warm-toned colours. Think shades like burnt sienna, deep mushroom, and toasted cinnamon to combine and create a soft, indie home.

Bright and bold

Before now, the go-to colour scheme in a lot of homes were grey and white bases, with little touches of blush pink or mustard as a feature colour. These shades are perfect together, but this year we’re seeing more and more houses bursting away from the more neutral palettes and delving into things much bolder and brighter, especially in bedrooms.

Jewel tones are becoming massively popular across the country, with incredible deep hues of emerald-green, bright sapphire blue and rich ruby-red spreading through every room of the home. This trend is such a popular one as you can add as much or as little of the colour that you’ve chosen as you like; for anyone who doesn’t want to go all-out, you can add small flashes of these colours which will really stand out. Bolder decorators are choosing to move forwards with eye-catching feature walls or even painting the entire room in those shades, which has a glorious effect.

The best part of all of these design trends is having the ability to personalise them to your specific taste, so no matter how you choose to incorporate them, you can find the perfect balance in your home when you redecorate!

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