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Primo Banks Says That Creating His Own Studio Is One Of The Best Decisions Of His Life

No doubt that starting your own business has perks more than any other line of work. Every professional whether its doctors, lawyers, engineers, or artists, starts their business career in due course to create a successful life. Simply depending on the job is never going to work if your dream is to achieve more. The sooner a person realizes it the sooner he/she can enjoy his/her wishes. Primo Banks is one of those persons who comprehend this fact at a young age.

Primo Banks, real name Darryl Braceful, is an accomplished entrepreneur and endowed songwriter. He was born on November 29th, 1994 in San Antonio, Texas, and was raised in St. Louis. His father and mother were entrepreneurs themselves and ran a restaurant whose name was given after their son Darryl. Darryl, however, was not interested in running the restaurant but wanted to pursue his career as a songwriter and rapper.

To become a successful singer, Darryl began to practice his singing at an early age. He made a rap group with his friend which was called ‘Trail Team’ while attending MSB High school the group was getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately, everyone separated after graduating moving towards separate paths. At that time he was facing many other problems as well. He lost his close friend from another popular rap group named 3 problems, also his job, and his car all at the same time frame. That is when he decided to open his own music studio Hell Raiser Entertainment. According to Darryl, the studio proved to be an articulate platform for him as he managed to express himself through it and helped him move on.

Starting a business has its perks but even so, it demands a lot of sacrifices. It demands the sacrifice of time, money, and sleep, on the other hand, demands the power of will, strength, and mental health. “I wiggled myself into entrepreneurship not knowing that was the path I was taking.”

Darryl burned the midnight oil to make his studio one of the best in the area and within the few years he achieved success. He is getting famous day by day and earning thousands of fans. At present time, he has more than 10k followers on his Instagram, appreciated by all.

By fans, we remember that a lot of them asked about where he got the concept of his pet name Primo Banks. On popular demand, we asked him and he said: “When I was little my parents had a restaurant named after me so that could be partially a good reason why I became Primo Banks.”    

Talented Darryl Braceful is walking the journey of fame and money at a very young age with many more dreams and wishes in his eyes. He has very much planned for his future. He has already opened his brand’s clothing where he offers the best quality hoodies in multiple colors with the logo of his brand HRE (Hell Raiser Entertainment). If you are interested, you can visit his website and buy it online. 

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