LGBTQI PINK Coin: A bitter harvest.

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This news article is to assist existing investors or those previously involved in the LGBTQI-PINK coin crypto-currency investment. Kindly contact ex-staff of the Tatsuya Group – Ms Susan at [email protected] for any questions or more details about the case. It’s also vital for readers to know about the undelivered promises of the crypto world.

The History:

In 2018, an estimated USD 15million worth of listed coins has nearly been wheedled out of the Crypto community and LGBTQ friendly allies around the world in a crypto-currency called LGBTQI-PINK.  

The LGBTQI-PINK Token uses blockchain – the technology behind digital currencies such as bitcoin – creating a digital eco business system that’s supposed to empower the LGBTQI community. In hope to further advance the so-called “PINK economy” which is estimated at up to $4.6 trillion in revenue annually.

A new coin was supposed to launch in December 2018, white labelled by LGBTQI PINK – Where LGBTQI is a common abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and inter-sexed community. PINK being the software’s nickname, which ending isn’t colourfully done.

2 whistle blower investors:
We talk to 2 investors Michael Lay Smith and Susan Ong.

As a pensioner, Michael Lay couldn’t afford to lose the USD 1,500,000 he ploughed into the crypto-currency investment that pitched out from his old-time friend’s tender –  Mr. Tatsuya,  the founder of LGBTQI-PINK Cryptocurrency.  Michael was always looking into Bitcoin investments from the vast variety of white labeled coins back in 2017. One captured his attention that was the LGBTQI-PINK Coin.

“I wanted to invest in it because it is really unique and showing support to the queer community”, Michael tells us plainly.

But the considered sub products of bitcoins like these can be a Pandora’s Box of the currency world – which has never been short of controversy. Till date almost 90% of the listed coins were never of a much profitable reality.

Michael is just one of the millions of people across the globe sucked by the idea and story behind every listed coin in the exchanges. The sales pitch of every new launch coin token usually shows extremely strong backing behind every coin’s philosophy, having multiple businesses and capable people managing it, which is true but the main bulk profit still goes to the company instead of its investors.  Majority of coins in the overall market did not make it today and most were on a stand still.

Thankfully for LGBTQI-PINK, the coin wasn’t listed eventually after a major internal dispute from Mr. Tatsuya’s office. 2 out of the 5 partners realized Tatsuya was sort of “scamming” their investors. Total investment losses are estimated to hit USD 15Million which could be wheedled out of victims around the world behind the promotion.  

Nevertheless, the whole dispute was eventually leaked and supplied by a 2nd whistleblower who was both a staff and an investor by nickname of Ms. Susan Ong. After being not able to get her promised capital back and owed salary from the company, she was in bad blood with her boss (Mr. Tatsuya), hence shared the company’s data which showed it had at least 320 worldwide customers who had a total invested amount of 15million USD, mainly from Europe. Emails showing controversial exchanges – stating that Mr.Tatsuya staged a very mastermind plan against 4 of his other partners to own more value of the company. Fortunately, of which 2 partners superseded his schemes wiping out his plan entirely. The 2 opposing ‘unsung heroes’ –  Mr Sangi Singh, who founded a big Uber alike company in India. And Mr Ng Noel, a business entrepreneur from Singapore

The setup story:

Accordingly to emails conversation summarized:

Tatsuya against Mr. Sangi Singh

Sangi’s partnership with the Tatsuya group went sour after being denied payment over extra services rendered to make the cryptocurrency.

  • The Tatsuya Group engaged master programmers Sangi Singh and his team to do up the marketing deck and white labelling of the LGBTQI-PINK Coin project.
  • But ending up only having to owe the programming team over USD 153,500 in disputed service fees due.
  • In return of service debts, Sangi was offered PINK coins to offset the service, which enraged Sangi’s whole team in hellfire. They knew not all coins listed can be sold and the value may not even match up to their projections.
  • Sangi and his team eventually halted the final submission of the listing process to the coin exchange and created a public speckle of the Tatsuya Group on a Facebook post but was removed by Facebook after various reports of allegations.
  • Sangi being a law profession before, also took legal actions against the Tatsuya Group and the crypto coins were prevented to be listed in the pre-planned major crypto coin exchanges.
  • Tatsuya further exposed to Sangi’s wife over alleged Telegram conversations about sharing of Female Pornographic Videos, but didn’t had much effect of the couple’s relationship. Tatsuya had failed to conspire against them.

Tatsuya against  Mr. Ng Noel

Next tyrannical fight back was Mr Ng‘s digital battle with Mr.Tatsuya at an extreme complexity.

  • Ng, a heterosexual male was the master publisher of an international LGBT publication – ELEMENT in 2014. Its popularity superseded his other non-LGBT publication portfolio businesses since 2006.
  • The international title had advanced over 297,225 LGBTQI databases of customers which include lawyers, doctors and government bodies who were subscribers and likely gay men/women themselves.
  • Ng was approached by the Tatsuya group and was convinced to invest USD 128,000 to LGBTQI-PINK coin with over 400% returns. He withdrew out successfully leaving not a single cent behind, after realizing it wasn’t possible in such market conditions and partly also being used free by Tatsuya for wanting his databases to market the new PINK cryptocurrency.
  • The database was nearly embezzled by the Tatsuya group unethically, through 3 attempts of digital hacking to Ng’s Dropbox, which thankfully was unsuccessful.
  • Ng himself later planted a male-ware script on the Tatsuya team’s desktops to annihilate the coin’s source codes and marketing materials. It was only restored 50% by the Tatsuya’s group of internal I.T. personals via a cloud backup.
  • Tatsuya’s only attacking bullet left was to expose Ng’s fake gay identity for combat downgrading during military service to the Singapore Armed Forces, which could get Ng into serious governmental punishments. As sexuality is something unjustifiable (Ng claiming to protect himself), the plan delayed and broke off after the Tatsuya group was eventually sued heavily by Mr. Sangi during the whole controversy.

Be safe from high-risk investments:

As per the dramatic incidents above, members of the public are advised to take very extreme caution and avoid any crypto investments of any form. Anyone who suspects that an investment could be fraudulent or misused for other unlawful activities should report such cases to their local authorities.

The FED officials have seized more than $1 billion worth of stolen bitcoin linked to shuttered black market websites like Silk Road. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Silk Road enabled a range of criminal activities, including sales of illegal drugs and hacking. The FBI is even now currently probing international governments and major individuals on big risks of Crypto investments, as reported by NBC News. 

Shahbaz Ahmed
Author: Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

About Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

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