Kechi Releases “All the Time” Single

Instead of giving us a dash of melodic wonderment in her new single “All the Time,” it would certainly seem that Kechi was determined to give us everything she’s got in this first single from her debut album, currently out everywhere indie-pop is sold and streamed. The self-aware lyricism and straight pop hook immediately feel like they’re going to be the most spellbinding component of the music in this track, but if you listen a little closer, you’ll start to feel the intensity of Kechi’s vulnerable voice – and what it contributes in turn to the emotion in her words. There’s nothing artificial to look beyond in this piece; there’s only the crisp performance of a singer who doesn’t have anything on her mind other than making a song true to her heart. 


This arrangement presents a slight challenge to our singer as she ascends into the chorus, but as she highlights with her adept crooning, it’s nothing she can’t handle. It’s hard to believe she’s as new to the limelight as she is when listening to “All the Time” simply for the fact that she blows through every compositional test she faces like she’s been over this process a thousand and one times before. The confidence she’s got is something to consider, and better yet, it never prevents her from being honest with her lyrics and the harmonies that breathe life into their statements, no matter how personal, cutting, or otherwise commentarial they may be. 

The verses that make up the poetic narrative in “All the Time” work to magnify the exciting feeling of blossoming love, and it’s only through the perkiness of Kechi’s delivery that they’re able to hold as much water as they ultimately do in this setting. This isn’t to discount the value of the lyrics as they stand away from the other parts of this song, but more to acknowledge how vital the woman singing them to us is to our better appreciating the emotion they have to present. She isn’t your average pop singer/songwriter for one remarkably undeniable reason – with every word that slips away from her lips, a piece of her soul seems to come along with it, offering us insight into who she is through bot the melodic disposition of her voice and the actual substance of the lyrics she’s serenading us with. 


A youthful jam with a pop center that doesn’t feel outrageously experimental nor totally aligned with something I’ve already heard on the radio at some point in the last two or three years, “All the Time” shows off a Kechi clearly too talented for the underground market to contain, and I think anyone who hears this song is going to share this opinion. “All the Time” has all the right moves, the right ingredients if you will, to form a recipe for success, but without the touch of its singer, I can’t imagine it feeling like the sleeper hit it’s likely going to become in the next couple of months. 

by Bethany Page

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