Into the Whimsical World of GeoMike122

Michael Ciolino, Fair Lawn native, is a traveler, educator, community leader, and now musical artist! GeoMike122 is their artist brand.

He is an elementary school teacher in a Passaic County public school, a community leader as a proud co-chair of the Fair Lawn Green Team, traveler, and now a musical artist who has a passion to inspire and motivate make the world a better place to live, together.

GeoMike122 is an expression of Michael Ciolino’s life and his recent single “Whimsical” is a reflection of his struggles and efforts to stay optimistic.  As a gay teen growing up he faced a lot of bullying and personal/family issues.  Michael Ciolino faced these issues confidently and believes in staying positive no matter how hard the situation. Through his music and inspirational speeches he wants to build such qualities in every teenager and human being.

GeoMike122 is on a mission to make this world a better, unbiased place to live. He believes in social justice, a sustainable lifestyle, and he is a true advocate of equal rights.

GeoMike122 “Whimsical” is a trap, mid tempo jam that gets you feeling more confident and free! “Whimsical” is an inspirational creative track which provokes listeners to stay positive, emphasize that they believe in themselves, self-love, encourage them to take actions to overcome challenges and always have confidence to achieve and perform better no matter how many obstacles/distractions are on their way!

His music is for all age groups and for all genders, in fact his music is a symbol of positivity, self-love, and work as an anti-stress for the youngsters.

To stay updated with his new coming projects feel free to add GeoMike122 on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Spotify using @geomike122.

Below are some links to help you discover GeoMike122!

GeoMike122 “Whimsical” Track Links:


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