Every publisher needs to create online digital publication today!

Do you need to create online digital publication for your business? Let’s find out in this write-up.

In the modern world, people have become dependent on digitization. And the publishing market has not remained an odd one out. Business owners and publishers create online digital publication.

People are choosing digital publications

More than 60 percent of readers who are below forty years, choose a paper-like reading experience on smartphones and tabs and more than 55 percent who are above forty years also pick this experience in the form of a normal replica version, as per the studies of PEW report.

Simultaneously advanced digital elements such as web pagination, interactive media, high-quality images & video content provided by a non-replica or interactive version, catches the attention of another set of readers that are more at ease with online navigation.

With more than 90 percent of the American adults having either a smartphone or a tab, every newspaper and magazine publisher wishes to provide their readers the most recent technology in an instinctive format available on any platform the reader might be utilizing.

There are two ways to create online digital publication or there are two types of digital versions that publishing houses can provide you today:

Digital replica: It consists of the same editorial, photojournalism & adverts of the paper edition of the magazine. A few editions might also be reformatted to facilitate the delivery gadget being utilized. A few replica editions might not have the same promotion since the paper version based on the marketer’s choice.

The digital replica is mainly publishing in the format of PDF, and the other process is to convert all the pages of the publication to JPEG/PNG images & then show in order within the viewer.

Digital interactive version: The digital interactive version has many interactive rich media components for instance hyperlinks; embed comments, audios, videos as well as other rich interactive features.

These interactive versions more often than not keep up the same content & fundamental identity of the hardbound magazine, although made and sequenced for reading by the web readers. The editorial & marketing content is different from the paper edition.

A few of the version even have sound effects imitating page flipping to boost the experience of the paper printed publication.

Digital or online editions are sent to subscribers in 2 different ways:

The Pull Delivery Procedure:

The subscriber is delivered a notification on email regarding the availability of the fresh edition. This edition has a protected access & the subscriber is provided with a combination of username & password to a protected website to access the publication that is made accessible for the subscription duration or for one copy of a particular issue, as chosen by the user.

The Pull Delivery Procedure:

The subscribed is delivered an email notification which has the download link or file attached for downloading the digital publication. The publication is then downloaded for the personal computer.

Because the digital edition market has grown quickly over the past decade, a lot of readers might not be acquainted with all the technologiesconnected to digital editions. Nevertheless, most people have smartphones & tablets; they are still getting familiar with turning through a digital replica such as a paper version on the smartphone.

The digital interactive edition is better than digital replica or PDF edition

From the perspective of the publisher to create online digital publication, a replica is more cost-effective in comparison with the interactive edition, because digital magazine vendors offer publishers the ability to make a fundamental PDF replica. Nevertheless, the reader engagement is 4 times more for the digital interactive edition. The interactive edition has all the components and graphics that can catch and hold readers’ interest. This results in more business and dollars.

A replica or PDF edition offers content in the predictable and boring way; the reader has to continuously scroll down the content. On the other hand, interactive edition imitates the flipping effect of the paper printed publication.

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