Casino Edge in Slots Explained

A lot of people find this genuinely difficult to believe, but did you know that the world’s first casino was actually only established in the 17th century? Sure, it is still quite a long time ago now, however humans have been gambling for several thousands of years, as documented by gambling historians, so why did it take so long for a casino to open up? The reasons are complex and numerous, however by the mid 1600s the Venetians had opened up the Casino di Venezia, setting forth the casino gambling story into motion.

Over the next few hundred years casinos would pop up all around the world, although it wasn’t until the mid 20th century that the casino industry as we know it today started to flower. This is also where the concept of house edge became a lot clearer to people, mainly because casinos had started to earn big big money. But what about casino edge in slots? How does that work? Read on for an article on casino edge in slot games explained.

What is casino edge and why does it exist?

Right then, the first question to answer here is what casino edge actually is, so let’s get into it. Have you ever stopped and wondered how casinos actually make their money? Sure, they receive money through the bets that people make, however how to they make sure they aren’t going to lose more money than they win? This is where the concept of house edge comes in, as it is the mechanic that allows casino to operate safe in the knowledge that they will always win more money than they pay out in winnings.

Every single casino game has the odds skewed in the casinos favour, and whilst these odds aren’t necessarily skewed by too much, they still make all the difference when it comes to making money. You can deplore the concept of house edge all you want, but without it casinos simply would not be able to exist!  

How can we find casino edge in slots?

That is the basics of the overall concept of casino edge, but how can we find casino edge in slots? Well, there is a very helpful piece of information available to us these days in the online slots world, and that is called RTP. It stands for Return To Player, and it is basically a percentage value that tells you your odds of winning on any given slot game.

The percentage corresponds to the average amount a gambler can win off of their stake over the course of a gambling session, with the average these days being 96%. This means that for every £100 you spend the house would take £4 on average, although the actual amount can vary massively.

Some key tips for getting the best out of slots casino edge

How are you meant to make the best out of slots casino edge? There are a few important ways to be aware of, keep reading to find out:

·         Play high RTP slots where possible.

·         Bet high on high variance slots and low on low variance slots.

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