Auto Accessories. Trends 2021

The crisis year of 2020 demonstrated a decrease in demand for car care products and car accessories, as this article of expenditure is classified as optional. But already in the first months of 2021 international experts noted an increase in demand for leisure, travel, construction, and car care products.

In addition, statistics show that people are increasingly abandoning the optional items to save money: the demand for tire pressure measurement systems, charger wires for gadgets, fragrances, DVRs, and more have also decreased.

According to experts, the structure of consumption will change in the future, and it is not only due to the pandemic. Experts highlight several major trends: domestic tourism will develop, and this, in turn, will give a new impetus to the development of car accessories for travel. Cab and car-sharing services will also continue to develop, as public transport will still raise questions in terms of epidemiological safety, and this will also increase the demand for car accessories.

A global trend, sharply spurred by the pandemic, is an almost complete shift to online shopping. As online platform experts point out, the self-isolation regime has had a big impact on the online marketplace for automotive products. Demand for car electronics has been growing since last October. Most of all buyers were interested in video recorders. By the way, rather curious conclusions can be made based on the demand for specific models. Thus, in 2020 the best-selling DVR was the device Xiaomi. By the way, this brand does not leave the headlines of news portals, presenting novelty after novelty. The popularity of the Chinese brand indicates that customers are not ready to buy the so-called Noname-gadgets, but most cannot overpay for the brand.

A very interesting situation this year in the market of car tires. A huge number of new products in both summer and winter collections, from all global brands of tires. Compared to the stagnant year of 2020, this one can simply be called Mega intense.

Among audio and video equipment for cars, the service users searched most often for car radios and car speakers. The demand for car radios began to grow gradually, compared to the previous year, where there was not much of a drop, but the demand for speakers kept almost at the same level during the year.

In the category of accessories and equipment, the most popular were products for protection and external tuning, as well as for interior furnishing. Demand for seat covers, seat covers, and mats also increased. As for windshield wipers, the situation was similar to Tires. You can familiarize yourself with the novelties here.

Modern car accessories today are no longer perceived as toys or decorations for the interior. Often they become indispensable on long trips, commuting to work and out of town. Many people divide these additional attributes into male and female. Indeed, what exactly will be in the cabin of the car, depends on who is behind the wheel. But among all the variety, you can find such items, which will fit perfectly in any car. And whatever predictions or statistics in 2020, we can not ignore the fact that 92% of car owners are regularly buying car accessories, which means that this industry will live and thrive for a long time to come. Well, the most progressive brands do not get tired to surprise motorists with high-tech novelties several tim

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