Alan Longo: A Name To Remember

Alan Longo; if this name sounds familiar to you, you’ve probably heard of the New Jersey prodigy already. Longo has collaborated on smash songs with major artists such as Sammy Adams, Kevin Flum, and Tory Lanez- in addition to playing widely known venues in Miami, Boston, and New York with artists Skate Maloley, Derek Luh and many more.
Longo actually got his name from his grandfather, Alan “Baldi” Longo- a convicted Brooklyn mobster and caporegime in the New York Genovese crime family. After dropping out of highschool and building his dream career through blood, sweat, and tears, it’s safe to say Alan upholds the badass, independent standards of his namesake.
Born on November 7, 1996 Longo is now widely known for his unique path and contributions to the music industry. As a self-made powerhouse with talent spanning singing, song-writing, DJing, and producing, he was able to organically accumulate millions of streams on his music, garner the support of A-List influencers, and even tour the United States.

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