Which jewelry box to choose according to your jewelry collection?

Any jeweler will tell you: to protect your jewelry for a long time, you have to store it carefully. The jewelry box is therefore the essential element to preserve your necklaces, rings, bracelets and other earrings in the best conditions.

But there is a multitude of choices in terms of jewelry cases. It is not always easy to choose the one that suits you best. So how do you select YOUR jewelry box?

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Choose your jewelry box according to the size of your jewelry collection

The size of your jewelry collection is the first criterion to take into account when buying a jewelry box. The latter represents an investment that must be adapted to your needs. Indeed, small or a large jewelry box do not represent the same amount of money!

The jewelry cabinet for small collections that are quick to grab

For those who only own a few pieces of jewelry and wish to dispose of them quickly, the hand display or the jewelry cabinet seem to be the best compromise. Indeed, these two models let the jewelry in free access. As a jewelry lover, you will appreciate to see them shining in your house. It will be easier to make your choice by having all your little treasures hanging in front of your eyes.

The jewelry box for medium-sized collections ordered

For those who want a more orderly storage, modern jewelry boxes are more indicated. Equipped with drawers and compartments, these sophisticated accessories allow you to sort your jewelry and protect it more effectively. Be sure to select them according to the characteristics of your jewelry collection. For example, if you have a lot of earrings, make sure that the box you buy has enough slots to store them.

A set of jewelry boxes for large and valuable collections

For those who have a large collection that has grown over the years, we recommend selecting several jewelry boxes contained in a wooden chest. Showcase your most precious rings in ring boxes, display your gemstone jewelry in necklace boxes and gather your various boxes in a luxury wooden chest. This way, you are sure not to damage your jewelry by mixing it with materials that deteriorate it.

Choose your jewelry box according to your lifestyle habits

The flat jewelry box with lock and keys for women travelers

The flat shape of this jewelry box is very convenient to be placed in a suitcase on vacation without risk of being damaged. Its secure lock guarantees not to lose your jewelry. Moreover, the interior covered with velvet allows to absorb the possible shocks which they could undergo during the travel. Businesswomen or travellers would appreciate this travel box and all its features.

The jewelry box with glass for coquettish women

Women like to get ready before going out. Whether it’s lipstick or jewelry, everything has to be perfect and match. Modern jewelry boxes contain more and more glass so that they can get ready without wasting time. It’s often positioned on the inside surface of the jewelry box so it doesn’t take up extra space. Once closed, you can only see the outer lacquered surface of this Asian jewelry box.

The antique jewelry box for women who love decoration

Jewelry boxes are not only designed for their functional aspect. They also have a strong aesthetic function as for antique jewelry boxes. Many women attach great importance to the work on the outer surface of jewelry boxes offered for sale. These are also chosen because they correspond to her home decoration. Some of them are real art objects that you can buy to decorate your bedroom. Extraordinary auctions resulted to the sale of old fashioned jewelry boxes at high prices. The quality of materials, the originality of its design, the rarity of the model and its various technical features are the main factors taken into account to determine its price.

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