Trying Dip Powder Nails For the First Time – Read This…

One of the advantages of trying out dip powder nails is that you can purchase dip powder nail kits to apply dip powder nails at home, instead of going to your local nail salon. It may take a few applications to get the hang of the dip powder nail application process, but the results can indeed be worth the effort. With that being said, there are still many questions you may have when it comes to dip powder nails and how to apply them properly. Here are some ideas you want to keep in mind.

How to Choose the Right Dip Powder Nail Kit?

A good kit needs to have a few important items. First, it needs to include the brush saver liquid, it also needs to include a bonder, an activator, a base coat, as well as a topcoat. And of course, you must have the dipping powder in there as well. This is the basic contents of a kit, but the kits can vary with all kinds of colour variations and other options.

Is There Anything Else You Need?

Dip powder nail kits don’t always have all the stuff you need. Obviously you need a buff to remove the polish, a dust brush to remove the powder, clippers, cuticle oil, a nail cleaning pad, and a good nail file. Make sure you have these items to hand when applying dip powder nails for the first time.

How to Apply the Dip Powder?

  • Remove the polish, dirt and oil from your nails.
  • Then you must add some bonder to every nail.
  • Once that is done, add the basecoat, and place your nail into the powder when the base coat is wet.            
  • Now take it out, then you remove the extra powder and repeat the process until you like the overall look.
  • If you like how it all looks, add the sealant, activator, and now you can leave it to dry off.
  • The final step requires you to use the file to adjust and buff appropriately, and then you add the topcoat to finish the process.

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

You must gather every tool you need before starting in order to achieve the best results. On top of that, you should avoid trying to use too much powder. Less is more in this case!

Make sure that you always clean your brushes, to maximize the longevity of your brushes.

Give it a Try!

Even if dip powder nails can take a bit of practice to get done properly, they look amazing and they are well worth the effort. It does take a bit of trial and error if you do them at home, but the reality is that dip powder nails at home are cost effective and easy to master.

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