Staycation: 6 Ways to Ensure the Best Pool Experience

What is a Staycation?

A Staycation or “Stay+Cation” is a term that describes having a luxurious vacation without having to leave your “Home Sweet Home.”

In simple words, do fun activities with kids at home, similar to what you do on a vacation, such as sunbathing by the poolside or pampering your taste buds with juicy crisp barbeque meat.

There are several ways to have a staycation, but the whole idea is to maximize relaxation and have a memorable time with kids at home.

Best Ways to Make Your Staycation Special

So, are you ready to plan the best staycation of your lifetime? Here are compiled the tips to double the fun:-

#1. Pick and Stick to a Theme

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Just for a second, close your eyes, and imagine your dream vacation.

Do you enjoy sun-kissed beach time or witnessing the wild jungle? A winter hideaway or a high-end hotel? For instance, a pool enclosure is worth consideration to give you a feeling of true Hollywood celebrity class and elegance. It presents you with the privacy and cozy ambiance you need to have a special family time.

When you picture yourself having the best time of your life, you must think about what you can do to enhance your staycation experience? For example, music, aroma, lighting, and decor sets the perfect mood that sends you to your dream destination. Some of the elegant ideas to transform your backyard space include island-inspired floral scented candles and tiki torches.

#2. Invest in Rafts & Water Toys

Buy some rafts & water toys, so you can play & float in comfort. Imagine yourself in a raft with an umbrella, a refrigerator, and an arm rest. Why imagine? Just buy one.

Kids are big fans of pool toys, and when you throw them in the pool water, they love to compete with each other to swim the fastest and catch the toys. The fun pool inflatables are available in a huge selection of options, right from pool floats, animal floats to pizza floats.

#3. Treat Your Taste Buds

Are you or your kids crazy about food? Staycation is the perfect time to try new recipes that are probably put on the back burner because of your busy work schedule.

You don’t require an elaborate kitchen setup, just fire up the grill, grab a few utensils for a mouthwatering poolside brunch experience. If cooking email isn’t your thing, then you can order from your favorite local restaurant, and create a majestic dine-in ambiance in your backyard.

#4. Floating Speaker

IIf you plan to spend long hours by the pool, you need some music to get your focus away from work. Listening to music helps in reducing stress and anxiety. To enjoy music while you are swimming in the pool built by Austin TX pool builders, or have a drink by the poolside, then you need a durable wireless pool speaker.

These floating speakers are completely waterproof, present high-defination crisp & clear sound with powerful subwoofers. You can connect the wireless speaker to your smartphone or laptop, and control the volume and other features from your smart device.

#5. Poolside Chairs

When you and your friends want to hop out of the pool, but don’t leave the pool party, then poolside chairs provide the perfect solution. You can buy vintage-style poolside chairs for a classy feel and true comfort.

Poolside chairs are easy-to-carry around, lightweight, and foldable. Opt for poolside chairs which are rustproof, resistant to UV rays and mold & mildew, and built to last.

#6. Poolside Cooler Table

Alcoholic beverages and beers are a must-have for a pool hangout time with friends, and a cooler table makes it easy to keep the drinks cool & close at hand. Buy a weather-resistant cooler that can stack up a number of cans with ice. Also, can be extended and elevated to serve as a cocktail table.

A Solar Pool: Enjoy Warm Pool Water Every Time

There are several perks of investing in a solar pool cover. These include warming up the water at least 10 to 15 degrees higher than the outside temperature, so you can have staycation during the spring. It stops the dust and debris from getting into the pool water. The solar pool covers are available in a variety of sizes, therefore will fit your pool easily.

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