Samantha J Rice and RADIOPUSHERS unveil DREAMHUSTLEWIN University

If you are a millennial and aspiring to be a music icon, the route to glory is a bumpy one. To make your dream of becoming a superstar a reality, you have to come across many hurdles. You will face a lack of proper guidance, deception, double-dealing, and financial boobytraps. 

Lack of knowledge and guidance forces the newbie artists to turn to Google for quick success. But all they find are companies who lead them nowhere. The passion of young artists tempts them to trust these companies blindly, and most of the time, they end up losing a lot of money, faith, and ultimately their passion. All these horror events leave a psychological scar on the mind of these talented future stars, and all their dreams are lost. There is nothing worse than robbing someone of his dreams and passion. It is very hurtful to see young promising stars not being able to fulfill their potential. 

DREAMHUSTLEWIN University Introduction:

Keeping in mind all these problems, DREAMHUSTLEWIN, a millennial smart university, has launched a platform for the proper guidance of emerging stars. We know about all the problems that one might face on the way to glory, and here we are helping you to tackle these problems.

What do we offer?

We provide different services for the millennials, including:

  1. Phone calls and Zoom meetings with professional artists for consultation.
  2. Knowledge of various subjects related to the music industry.
  3. Providing conference calls to the students with designated artists to ask for helpful suggestions.
  4. We will also help you with innovative and unique strategies for the monetization of your brand.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to guide passionate young artists to become financially independent while having proper knowledge of succeeding in the music industry and making their mark with their rockstar performances. We help these emerging superstars to realize their potential and guide them to the way of success. We want these stars to dream, hustle and win their way in this industry. Their success is our success.

Our senior vice president, Samantha Patience Jay Rice, is the epitome of our motto. With more than 10 years in the industry, she is an invaluable asset for our university and our students. She faced all the struggles with a brave heart and rose through them. Her success story is a motivation for our students. She hopes to share her experiences and business acumen with her students as it will drive the students to chase their dreams.  Samantha Patience Jay Rice believes in partnering with growth-focused Music Millennials.  

So, if you are a young musician who need proper guidance, you have to look no further than DREAMHUSTLEWIN University. You will have the success you never dreamt of. 

It will be a privilege for us to help you become a superstar; we will guide you on how to be on top of the list. 

Come to us and make your dreams a reality.

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