– Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

(Zach) Good! I’ve been staying busy writing and producing along with keeping up with the band. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find balance there but… We have a new song out! So I’m feeling a lot more balanced. 

– Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Break In The Current”?

(Zach) Yeah! Break in the Current is a song about getting knocked down and refusing to stay down. Understanding yourself, where you’re at, knowing when it’s your moment, and having confidence in yourself in that situation. Understanding the importance of the decisions you make in life and knowing that you will find that answer within you when the time comes, because two things are for certain: We’re all gonna fall down and we’re all gonna get back up.
– Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

(Zach) It really was just a culmination of how we were feeling as a band. We had a fresh lineup, just got into the last song of the session and decided to do one from the ground up. We were really feeling ready to take a big swing at this thing and I think it just came out in the music.

– How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

(Jim) The filming process was a special experience, especially looking back at it now. NYC was the perfect backdrop to match the rawness and energy of the song.

(Zach) Honestly this one was probably the most work any of us have done for a video. We did like 13 or 14 locations all around NYC, it was an extremely long day of shooting just for the city shots. But our director Alex K and his team didn’t even flinch. We just kept moving and ended up getting a lot of awesome stuff.

– What was the recording and writing process like?

(Jim) We recorded with Kile Odell and Julian Comeau in North Carolina and the team clicked right away. We were able to come out with some pretty unique and high energy songs that we are really proud of.

(Zach) This song was actually the last song we wrote in that session. So at this point we had figured out what direction we were driving in and that allowed us to step on the gas. We cranked it out in god, i don’t know. Maybe 8 hours? Maybe less? It just sort of came together really fast. It gave me an opportunity to use a lyric I have had lying around since I was like 18 that I felt really needed a home.

– What is the music scene like in your hometown of Baltimore? How has it influenced your music?

(Jim) We have a really strong local scene in Baltimore with a ton of talented bands. It has always forced us to set a high bar in whatever we do.
– Does the new single mean we can expect new material soon?

(Zach) Yes! We can’t give away too much, but there will be more new music in the very near future.

– Any tentative release date or title in mind?

(Zach) Unfortunately I can’t let the cat out of the bag on either of those at the moment, but there might be some clues hidden in the Deadkru (their fanclub Facebook Group and Discord).

– What else is happening next in Dead Eyes’ world?

(Zach) We’re going to continue being active in the Deadkru and working behind the scenes on new music but we’ll also be moving all of our live streams over to Twitch! It’s an amazing platform and we’re going to be able to be so much more present in the moment with people there.

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