How to Sell Your Car for Scrap?

Getting your car scrapped is a great way to get rid of a useless car fast and earn money. It will also help you to get a new car quicker. If you are planning to sell your car for scrap, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have described the whole procedure thoroughly.

Get the documents ready

If you are planning to send your car for scrapping, then first prepare all required documents so that you do not face any problems during the process. Basically, you will need two documents. The first is any document that shows your identity.

And the second document is your vehicle registration certificate, also called V5C. It shows that you are the owner of that car. In case you have lost your V5C, you can contact the DVLA and ask for a replacement.

Find a local ATF

After preparing all essential documents, now it is time to find a scrapping center nearby. The Internet has made it very easy for all. All you need to do is type ‘ATF centers near me.’ Google will provide you a list of all suitable centers. Check their websites and find which services you provide. Like do they pick up the car or ask the seller to bring it to the junkyard. Then select the ATF that you find more suitable.

You can sell your car to the ATF as a whole or first remove its parts that are in good condition and then sell the car and its parts separately. You should only remove car parts if you have the knowledge and skills to do that. Otherwise, you may damage the car and reduce your junk car’s value more.

Get a quote

While searching for a suitable ATF, get quotes from different ATF centers. It will help you to identify which buyer is offering the best deal. Then select the buyer who is offering a reasonable price.

Your car’s scrap value will depend on several factors like its model, condition, the value of its construction materials, and its size, etc. You will get payment in the bank. Getting payment is illegal, so do not sell your car to the buyer who tries to pay in cash.

Send the car to the ATF

Once you have selected the ATF, it is time to send your car to them. You can inform them of the day and time you want them to pick your car. They will send their vehicle to pick up your car.

Get the certificate of destruction

The scrapping center will send you the certificate of destruction (CoD) after scrapping your car. This certificate is proof that you do not own the car anymore. So, keep it safe as it is impossible to get its replacement.

Send CoD to the DVLA to inform them of your car’s ownership. You will get the unused car tax back from the DVLA.

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