How To Recharge And Find Inner Peace With Incense

Recharging and finding inner peace are possible. You do not need to break the bank for a wellness retreat or climb on the top of the mountain to meditate. 

In fact, this calm, compassionate, deep awareness is found within each individual. It is as if all humans have a deep reservoir of serenity and peacefulness inside us–waiting to be tapped and unleashed.

In this day and age, many individuals are realizing how essential it is to channel and nurture non-offensive, neutral energy sources in the spaces they frequent with the help of incense. Incense is not just for pleasant aromas, but a way to directly communicate with the soul.

Cleansing the spirit of an impure aura is an age-old practice, and when done with care and right intention, can rejuvenate your vital force or chi.

Learn how to revitalize and muster your inner tranquility with incense using the following tips.

Choose 100% Organic or Natural Incense 

Incense is made with dried leaves, flowers, and other natural materials like resin and has many forms. Different materials and ingredients used to make incense produce different benefits and fragrances.

Just like every scent available (colognes, perfumes, fragrances), not all types of incense enrich a person’s spirits. However, while the difference between other types of scents may be obvious, when it comes to recharging and finding inner peace with incense, you may be easily misguided.

A lot of people often make the mistake of choosing incense that only makes a room smelling fresh, without being heedful about the material and manufacturing where the incense was made. Cheaper variants of incense (like the ones sold at the corner store) typically emit chemically altered, synthetic smells that nullify the imbalances present in your space and bring harm to your health.

That’s why 100% organic or natural incense, like JinPaper, make an essentially better option. An authentic natural incense product can neutralize negativity, declutter vibrations within a given environment, and leave your space filled with healing aromas.

Match Your Choice of Incense with a Specific Intention

When selecting incense, filtering your choices by how natural or organic they are is the approach you will likely apply first. However, the exciting part is discovering a fragrance you would like to be swaddled in within a given space, depending on your personal intentions.

Some incense is made to cleanse and purify the air. Others are geared towards feeling loved (Jasmine or Rose scent), focusing the mind (Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Lemongrass fragrance), as well as saving and/or being centered within yourself (Frangipani, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, and Lavender).

Some aromas are made to help with meditation, inner stillness, and quieting the mind (Lotus & White Musk, Opium, Patchouli). Initially, ancient people used incense formulas as herbal medicine to treat many diseases. 

All these can and are typically used as part of healing and spiritual rituals. Incense is used in spiritual rituals in church masses and temples. 

It’s also often used during yoga practice, Reiki sessions, and meditation. Try to ask yourself and pair your preferred incense with your own intentions.

Ventilate Your Room Properly

When burning organic, natural incense in a given space, you should ensure that your room is well ventilated. Top-quality incense is ideal energy-purifiers and can move negative auras out of your space.

However, if you don’t create a clear path for their exit, you nullify the whole purpose of this process. Aside from that, inhaling too much smoke is not good for anyone, good energy or not.

Make sure to burn incense only in a room that is large enough to allow for airflow or has windows that open. Keeping the door slightly ajar or cracking a window should suffice.

By doing so, you allow the incense to drive bad energy away, and are more triumphant in preserving purity within the space. If you feel the need to amplify airflow with a fan, this can help as well.

Give Your Incense a Home to Blossom

The mind, body, and soul have an inner balance and sacred connection. When one is off, they are all off. Tranquility is a key to restoring that balance and discovering a renewed energy as you are meant to live your life to the fullest. 

While many manage to take this for granted, making sure that you have an incense-burning stand that conveniently holds your sticks is vital to balancing energies in a designated space. Energy is not just an external element that penetrates an individual’s psyche: it is also developed from within.

If the mind is not at ease, the body will begin to emit negative vibrations which will, again, nullify the purpose of your incense ritual. See to it that you have an incense-burning stand that securely holds up your sticks to avoid constantly checking on them for fear that they will fall out of position. 

Besides using incense that is ethically sourced, incense holders hand-crafted by local artisans will deliver optimal energy.

Add Some Plants to Your Space

While indoor plants can make appealing enhancements, they also carry their own certain abilities to purify your space. For instance, Aloe plants are used for peacefulness and healing, Snake plants for a good night’s sleep, Haworthia for wellness and beauty, ZZ plant for removing toxins, and Areca Palm plants for a peaceful calming vibe.

A living, breathing, a green organism is the manifestation of the natural, earthy, and organic feel everyone strives for. Recharging and mustering inner peace are all the more powerful in a space already laden with green, lush, botanical-bliss.

Priority Safety Above All Else

In addition to maintaining internal energy balance, you must ensure that your mind is free from doubt, worry, and concern when revitalizing and practicing inner peace. One of the easiest ways to do so is to settle things you can control–such as placing the incense burner in a strategic area to make it as disaster-proof as possible.

It should be kept away from any flammable zones and out of pets or children’s reach. This way, your mind will be clear of worry, and you will be more in tune with the outer and inner process of transferring energy within your space.

Final Thoughts

Incense has many uses and benefits. It is a kind of mental stimulant that can turn the ordinary into the very special at no great expense and done so easily. A pure, high-quality, natural incense is for channeling positive memories back or invoking good feelings and thoughts for the inner self.

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