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Aaron Regev Interview

Today, Aaron Regev, Total Home Protection’s Sales Manager, has dropped by to share with us the latest on the home warranty industry. He also shares some advice on how to move forward as an entrepreneur, whether you’re near the end of your rope or just beginning.

Before we dive deep into what’s going on with Total Home Protection, please tell us a bit about who you are.

Aaron Regev: Well, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and I worked in sales even before I was hired on to join the Total Home Protection team in June 2016. Actually, before that, I had been temporarily unemployed after working in a failed business — a tough but, ultimately, fruitful experience as it led me to the home warranty industry where I found more success.

What exactly is it that your business offers in terms of services?

Aaron Regev: Total Home Protection (also called THP), is a home warranty company. We offer home warranty coverage plans for homeowners that want to protect their budget from unexpected repair costs on certain home appliances and systems.

What’s the latest update on Total Home Protection? (What direction are you going towards? What improvements or developments have you been focused on?)

Aaron Regev: A lot of the recent developments at Total Home Protection have been on ensuring that we’re keeping up with the times and staying on top of huge shifts in the industry caused by things like the pandemic. To this effect, we have introduced (and plan to continue introducing) new technology and strategies into our processes that will allow us to shoulder the influx of new customers that hit us hard last year (what with so many people staying in their homes.)

Of course, because our service is heavily connected with external technicians and contractors (who handle the actual repairs for our customers’ covered appliances and home systems), we have also made sure to pay close attention to the latest recommendations released by the CDC — so that we are doing our part in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Do you have any advice to give an entrepreneur who might be feeling close to giving up?

Aaron Regev: The first thing I’d tell them is that I’ve been in their place. Personally, I don’t consider myself a quitter, my parents raised me to persevere, to work hard. BUT that doesn’t mean that, when things get rough, the thought doesn’t come up. Everyone suffers from those kinds of lows. For example, as I mentioned earlier, before Total Home Protection, I had actually been unemployed — a bad place to be, for sure, seeing as I had family that I wanted to support and take care of. But that didn’t stop me from diving deep into the home warranty industry once I got the job in THP in 2016.

That’s the important thing here. To build yourself back up and keep moving forward. I suppose I could have stopped while I was ahead. I could have been content with getting the job and stopped there. But no, I racked up confidence a bit at a time my familiarizing myself with the ins and outs of the home warranty service to make sure that I was an indispensable asset of the team, to make sure that I could confidently tell myself that I know what I’m doing and that I’m not going anywhere. By doing so, I found true success.

How about for our younger readers? Who may just be starting out?

Aaron Regev: For young readers — although this definitely applies to older folks as well whose entry into entrepreneurship is coming a bit later — my advice is: Get yourself educated!

To be clear, I’m not advocating for young people to go all in and get so lost in the details that they end up not going anywhere at all. My intention is to make sure that they are aware of the business environment, as it stands today, and give them a leg up that they may not have had otherwise if they just stuck to whatever it is that they’re teaching in schools and textbooks.

Look elsewhere for what you need to know. Test the waters a bit if you have to so that you can get practice dealing with real people and real business. Experience is really where it’s at. And once you start to get an inkling on exactly what career you’re aiming for? You need to get on it, stat. Start learning what you can about the industry so that, when the time comes, you can make yourself an indispensable part of any team that you land yourself in.

As for our last question, what is your favorite quote, and why? (Don’t be afraid to share the details!)

Aaron Regev: When it comes to words of wisdom, I look to something my grandmother told me when I was younger, “Always be content.” The meaning didn’t click with me immediately, but I learned pretty quickly (after making a couple of mistakes back in my early days that could have been easily avoided) that, sometimes, you need to balance out your drive with your expectations. As I like to tell my team, it’s okay to want to rule the world, that kind of passion and drive will get you far in life. But don’t beat yourself up while doing it, don’t go for the risky play just because of your desperation to succeed. Instead, be content with what you have and continue striving for your goals honestly and with utmost humility.

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