A Quick Guide to Choosing The Best Cancer Health Insurance Plan

Cancer is a deadly disease in humans, and it is the second leading cause of demise across the globe. Tens of thousands of people succumb to this disease every year and with different types of cancers. Its treatment and control have been some of the most intense areas of research in biology and medicine. In cancer cells, there is a breakdown of cell division and cell growth. Breast cancer among women and lung cancer among men is the major cause of death. Consequently, cancer ends up with economical and mental crises. To overcome the same, one needs to have cancer health insurance first. 

But if high-quality health care is provided, it is seen that the survival rate has gone up in cancer patients. If assured under the right health insurance, a cancer patient can embark on a journey of recoverycan leave a normal life again.

However, cancer is mostly covered in all critical illness policies, but it is important to note that it is provided to those who are not yet diagnosed with cancer. But if you are already suffering from cancer then you will be unable to get the coverage. If any symptom of cancer occurs within 90 days of initiation of the policy, it will lead to termination of the policy. 

 A critical illness insurance policy can be bought as a rider with your medical insurance plan.

Critical illness insurance policy fails to meet the precise insurance needs of a cancer patient. Furthermore, when it comes to granting a normal medical cover to cancer patients, most of the insurers deny it as it proves immense loss.The only option left is to purchase cancer care health insurance. It is designed to meet the precise insurance needs of a cancer patient.

Cancer care health insurance is ideal health insurance that protects you against cancer. There are very few insurers who provide this kind of insurance.

Here is a list of cancer insurance plans available:

The cancer plans are present in a range of options. There are lots of companies that can help one get different types of cancers such as blood cancer, lung cancers, and many more types. The cost of policy differs from person to person and depends on one’s age as well as some more factors such as lifestyle and heredity. The companies have own algorithm while calculating the premium and as per the norms from the regulators every company has to provide a quote to the probable customer before he signs the documents. The insurance cover is also offered in two types and with additional benefit of double coverage as far as cancer insurance is concerned. 

In one type of plan one can have the claim settled with the treatment of cancer while in another plan the required amount is immediately provided as soon as the cancer is detected. In the cancer care plans also different types of cancers for men and women are covered. With the age and probability of cancer the premium for a particular sum assured varies. Hence before going for any amount, one must know what coverage is he getting and how much. One also needs to know if he will have reimbursement of claim or cashless. If the cashless claim is to be asked which all hospitals are there on the network list of the insurance service provider? Hence one must gather and verify all the required details in the initial stage so that at the time of claim he need not suffer from claim point of view. 

Is it a viable option? 

A cancer insurance policy is a much-needed plan these days as there is no specific reason for one getting a disease like cancer. In some cases, cancer is just like a hereditary disease while in some cases it is a result of one’s habit. For those who consume alcohol or prefer to have regular smoking, this policy can be considered as a must. There are many companies in the market these days which offer such a policy, but one needs to check which all type of cancers are covered in the concerned policy and what benefits he can have after enrolling for the same. 

Another important point is this policy and premium is provided on the grounds of information about habits and lifestyle given by the customer. Insurance is an agreement done bonafide and in case such information proves fake, the insurance company can reject the claim also. There are also some companies that reject the claims on such grounds presently and hence while offering required details one needs to provide only true and real details else it can be troublesome for both parties. Care health insurance is all about mutual trust and support which one may need at a crucial phase of life. 

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