Top‌ ‌5‌ ‌Tips‌ ‌for‌ ‌Great‌ ‌Pictures‌ ‌‌of‌ ‌your‌ ‌children‌

Ever struggled to take better pictures of children? 

Taking good pictures of your children can be a challenge if they do not want to cooperate. Children tend not to sit still for very long, and trying to coax a good photo out of them can be even more difficult. 

The good news is that there are plenty of tricks to get them to play along. It might take a change in your approach, but following these tips will make for an easier, more fun, and more productive photo session with your children. 

Let them be natural

Children are ferocious and full of infinite energy. They are always in the movements. This is what defines the children. Instead of taming them into being silent, it would be much better if you photograph them that truly reflects their natural demeanour. Let them be what they are, in what position they are, just capture those moments in their totality, it would truly be the best picture. 

A playful approach 

A child will never be disobedient if you make the photography session fun. You have to discern what games interest your child the most and you can bring them into the photography sessions, a child will do what you say. 

According to Tracey Osterman, a family photographer from Marin County, California, telling your kids to make silly faces for a few photos is a great way to keep them engaged. “Ask them to make a silly face, a grumpy face, and a surprised face to get some energy out, and get them to play to the camera. You’ll get much better photos after they do!” 

Drain them of their superfluous energy

As children are full of energy, it is highly unlikely they can sit in one place silently. So, run them out till they are drained of energy. Then, they will descend into silence to too much extent. You can use this as an opportunity to capture the pictures as you desire. As they are likely to oblige you. 

Use bribe as bait

Children love gifts, chocolates, and toys. If you must have come across many incidents in front of you where children are controlled through bribes such as gifts. Once they are lured by it, they are ready to do anything. 

You can use the bribe as an option to capture their favourite pics. You can ask them to pose in a certain way in return for the chocolates. They will certainly oblige. 

Make your child’s friend as part of the photography

Children love to be around children of similar age. This is the moment they are at their best. They play very innocent games with them and they act funny. Seeing them juggling with their friends is a treat to the eye. 

Hence, there can not be any better moment to capture their pictures than that. Just put that deep joyful moment to immortalize into a picture.  

Tickling them

Tickling is something that can send anyone on the path of immense laughter. No one is immune to tickling. Even if you don’t want to laugh, tickling has the potential to make you laugh even in those situations. 

Once you’ve successfully got them laughing, capture the moment.

Be crazy

You must have noticed around you that children are happy around those people who are as crazy as they are. If you act like children, children may act like you. Because craziness is what defines them. 

During the moment of capturing the pictures, be as crazy as you can be with the kids and you can effortlessly capture their picture. 

Final words

Although photographing the kids is a challenging task. Yet it is not impossible. You have to understand the nature of the kids and act according to that. The above techniques are universal, you can use them to capture the best moments of your children into the photos.

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