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Hostel room Essentials for Students

Congratulation on completing your high school and getting accepted to a prestigious Institution! You did it! Well, many of you will be moving to a different town, city or country in the pursuit of your higher studies and you must have a lot of fun plans about your university life. However, first things first, what are your plans for university housing; are you all set for the essentials you need for your hostel dorm room? So to help you tackle this issue we have listed down all the essentials you would require when you shift to your hostel room.


Mattress is the basic core of your list of things you will need for your hotel room. It is a necessary and if you want to live comfortably without any disturbance it is immensely useful that you buy a good mattress such as hybrid mattress, or a twin mattress that can allow you to get a better sleep at night. Read online reviews and buy mattress from the Mattress Firm Pillows, and enjoy a peaceful night sleep in your hostel that can make you feel at home.

Charger/ laptop

It is certain that you would need to carry your own laptop; however, it might be possible that you plan on sharing your laptop charger with your roommate. Even though it may seem like a good bonding opportunity with your roommate but it may also lead to conflicts. Hence, it is essential that you carry your own charger, laptop and a spare charger –in case you lose the other one- with you once you move to your hostel.


Do you know that exchanging towels and your cloths can lead to transfer of germs from one person to another, therefore, to protect yourself against germs and diseases it is better to carry your own set of towels. Further, try to buy spare towels and make sure that you invest in a good quality towel and try to buy quick dry towel and light weight towel so that it does not damage your soft skin.


Hostels have a different system than hotels, they do not provide you with toiletries, and hence, it is essential for you to carry a small toiletry bag with you that include all your toilet and bathing essentials. It will keep you safe from borrowing toothpastes or soaps from your roommates. Here is the list of most important thing you will need:

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Sunscreens
  • Deodorants
  • Razors

Power bank

Power banks are the most integral part of your hostel essentials and in the current progressive world where we live in the world of our cellphones, it is important that we keep a power bank with us at all times. Sometimes you might forget to charge your mobile or you might be running late to the class, while your cell phone’s battery is about to die, so in such moments your power bank can prove to be your most loyal fellow.

Comfortable flip flops

Do you know that wearing comfortable shoes or flip flops can definitely boost your mood and brighten up your day? Thus, it is highly recommended that you keep a pair or two or flip flops in your travel essential bag for hostel. Keep one set for your toilet use and the other one for your daily use. Let those feet breathe and feel comfortable with flip flops!

Travel size medicine box

Keeping a first aid kit with you when you fly off to your hostel is essential as it can keep you safe in case of any emergency at your hostel.  This medicine box must be packed with all the basic tablets like aspirin etc., band aids, plasters, and painkillers so that you are prepared in case of any unfortunate accident at your dorm.

Sleeping Aids/ Masks

If you have to live with a roommate it is important that you keep an open mind as they may be certain things that you may not like about the way your roommate does. Henceforth, keeping an open mind will get you through this time easily. One of these things may include your roommate’s habit of sleeping with the lamp on and in case you are someone you sleep in a dark room, it might be an issue. This births the need for sleeping eye masks or other sleep aids that can help you sleep in a better way.


Keeping your belongings safe will definitely be your number one priority once you move in to your hostel and padlocks are the most pertinent way to ensure this. Make sure to buy one for your bag, one for your wardrobe and one or two spare locks, just in case you lose the other ones.

Pack these items and you are all set for your hostel experience!

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