Four common recruiting challenges and how good recruiters solve them

As with any other profession, recruiters have their fair share of challenges and taxing work issues. Successful recruiters use their experience and skills to simplify the problems. They also take the help of recruitment software to reduce some of the most common recruiting issues.

Partnering with a suitable recruitment software system supports the development and improvement of recruiting work. It makes work easier for recruiters.

1.         Finding the right candidate

For recruiters, talent sourcing is a huge portion of recruiting work. Networking and relationship building are targeted towards identifying and placing the best and most suitable candidates in the job roles. But it is common to encounter issues of getting too many applications at once and having difficulty filtering candidates. Lack of qualified applicants is another issue that crops up quite often in recruitment.

Proactive recruiters deal with these challenges by utilising recruitment software in their daily work. A good recruitment platform integrates seamlessly with all the other important recruiting tools. A skills testing software is one of such tools. It is valuable when recruiters have to deal with high volume hiring and have to filter massive amounts of applicants. Recruiters can also use it to detect the better candidate when there are similar applications.

2.         Dealing with talent shortage

Talent shortage causes huge problems when recruiting. The lack of good applications immediately hinders the required progress. Hence, recruiters are continually putting effort into networking and cultivating relationships with potential candidates. Having a good candidate pool allows them easy access to potential employees for hiring companies. It also makes recruitment easier.

And rather than waiting to deal with the challenge of talent shortage, recruiters work proactively by focusing on networking and talent mapping. Building relationships and nurturing those connections takes an unceasing effort. Similarly, talent mapping ensures that recruiters are well prepared and one step ahead of their competition. Recruitment software is extremely useful for talent and market mapping. Recruiters can easily keep track of the best candidates in the market, note the current market trends and be acutely aware of any new developments.

3.         Creating a positive candidate experience

Employers want great candidates. Recruiters promise to deliver those candidates. But sometimes, the candidate experience is overlooked in this race to find the best individual for the role. A positive experience helps build a brand reputation. It leads to lucrative work opportunities for the recruiters and a better image for the agency.

Therefore, recruiters must put in the effort to provide the best service and leave candidates with a good impression. This includes following a great communication strategy which is supported by recruitment CRM and its automated features. Sending timely interview reminders and tips or responding quickly to emails and texts, every action helps in constructing a memorable candidate experience.

4.         Helping smooth team collaboration

It’s not unusual to have remote recruiting teams these days. And with the global pandemic, it has become more common than ever to have colleagues working from home and in different parts of the country. Technology is needed to establish seamless teamwork and to ensure that they are no setbacks in delivering great work.

Recruitment database software has a single platform that every recruiter can use to record and store important data. Every team member will get easy access to that information. They can carry on the work easily even if a colleague is away. Recruitment software’s integration with video calling software also supports quick, regular meetings.

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