4 Golden Rules To Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rates

Email continues to be one of the most popular forms of digital marketing because of its potential reach – as long as it is used properly. Simply blasting out emails isn’t effective. People will stop opening your emails, which can be detrimental to your long-term success if you’re not careful. Here are some golden rules to help you improve your email marketing open rates – indirectly assisting with your SEO efforts too.

Tailor Your Email Lists To Your Messages

Your email messages should determine whom you intend to send the email to. For example, if your intention is to share a specific offer with business prospects, make sure you only send it to the relevant audience and not your existing customers. Consider the following:

  • Try sticking to a core message and call to action for each email to prune your email list.
  • The more specific your message to a certain audience, the greater the chance of them opening your email.
  • Make sure your subject line clearly states what you have to offer to give them a reason to open the email.
  • Break down your list into locations, regions, genders and whatever other demographics you can think of for your business to make the content as directed and tailored as possible.

Once you determine your specific message, consider who will benefit from the email and cut down your list to the most relevant people. You will almost immediately see an improvement in your email open and click rates.

Consider Email Frequency

Frequency is one of the biggest factors that influence email open rates. If you had your way, you’d probably be blasting out emails twice a day about your business, but naturally this will affect your open rates. Consider the following when it comes to frequency of emails:

  • Your business type will determine the frequency of emails.
  • Ecommerce and retail stores tend to send out offers and discounts more often than companies offering services or specific products.
  • Keep track of how often your competitors send information out so you’re aware of industry benchmarks.
  • Identify the best times and days to send emails to your audience based on previous open and click rates. For example, working professionals may open emails late at night, while shift workers may open emails in the morning or afternoon. This will depend on the specific audience for your business.

Once you’re able to determine how often to send emails to your target audience, you can start planning your content strategy.

Ask Your Audience What They Want To Hear About

Get insights and feedback directly from your audience to help you shape a more successful email marketing strategy. When you give your audience what they want, you’ll notice an improvement in your open rates. Consider the following:

  • Find out how often your audience would like to receive emails from your business.
  • Get details on what content is most valuable to them.
  • Ask your audience what would help to convert them from prospects into customers. 
  • Use analytics from previous emails to identify email content trends and determine what is working better for your brand than others.

You can get information through surveys but make sure you incentivise your customers and prospects if you want sufficient responses.

Write An Enticing Subject Line

The subject is the first thing your target audience will come across so it needs to be relevant, on point and enticing. Consider the following:

  • Make sure the subject includes the core contents of the email.
  • Keep the subject short and snappy.
  • Include offers and discounts from the start.
  • Use powerful words.
  • Show value to the reader and prove your email is worthy of reading.

Be clear with what you’re offering because readers don’t like it when brands try to be too sneaky and may simply hit the delete button. If your subject can deliver good value to the reader, you’ll have a much better chance of getting them to open your email and read your content.

Your email campaign will help customers get an insight into everything you have to offer. While some may not respond immediately, you can use your learnings to make effective changes and start improving your open and click rates over time. Use these golden rules to make your email marketing even more powerful – and increase your rankingand SEO efforts with an agencyalong the way.

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