Which platform android or ios is profitable for startups in 2021

Mobile app development has shown some tremendous growth in the domain of the software industry. The proliferation of smart devices is the largest contributing factor in this growth and it will take this industry to a level where the sky’s the limit.

Today, the demand for fast and efficient apps is unprecedented and it will, undoubtedly, increase tenfold. In 2020 alone the digital users have dedicated 80 % of their time to mobile applications.

Fortunately or unfortunately, due to this progressing Covid-19 pandemic, mobile application development has also received huge interest. Now all the organizations have rushed into this domain to make a prosperous future in this digital industry.

To have an app is not a necessity or an upgrade for a digital business. It is quintessential for organizations irrespective of their domains. When a company opts for native app development, there are two platforms to choose from Android vs iOS. Both of the platforms have their respective benefits and incredible development options.

So it is time to go in-depth comparison iOS vs Android and decide which platform is profitable for startups in 2021:

Goal Viewers

Without a doubt, or this is to say as per many reports that Android targets a larger population than iOS and has more target market share than iOS.

It can also be seen that Android devices are more cost-effective than iOS. On the other hand, iOS devices come at a very high price. This is the reason, Android is predominantly used in most of the nations (especially Asian Nations) and amassed over 129.1 million in consumers as of 2020. On the other hand, iOS has about 113 million users by 2020.

Succinctly putting, Android is more popular based on cost-effectiveness. But still, the popularity of the platform depends on the purchasing power of the group and the goal.

Design & Growth

Design plays a significant part in the growth of a mobile app. An engaging and scalable UI/UX is effective to gauge the attention of the consumers at the first look. If they find it effective in the first place, they will continue to use the app.

In the case of Android, there are a variety of choices out there by way of platforms, libraries, extensions, and extra. Also, Android is more open-source so developers can get access to libraries and other resources very easily. This feature also counts as a cost-effective feature which is very attractive for any start-up to opt for Android.


Now the question is how you can earn profit from your mobile app. This is the only reason a business wants to get an app developed. Well, businesses are also trying to reach a mass audience through digital apps. But still, they want to generate an income through it.

In terms of the monetization issue, two factors come into the discussion. First is the variety of downloads and the second is the ad-monetization by way of the app.

In this case, iOS is more profitable in comparison with Android by the variety of subscriptions and they have more options when it comes to in-app purchases. While the ad-based financial issue of Android is greater than that of iOS.

If we explain each of the elements, both Android and iOS have many financial advantages. A business can opt for any of the ones as per the business domain and the targeted audiences. A business can also opt for the cross-platform app based on React Native and Flutter and harness both platforms.

Consult with the Comparability

Now, have a look at some comparability between Android and iOS and it will make your choice easy between iOS and Android

Income: iOS platform is destined to generate more revenue than Android in any case.

Growth Value & Time: Yes, Android can deliver a more personalized experience at less cost and it takes more time than iOS.

Customization: Since Android is an open-source platform and has many free libraries for the developers to access. It is more profitable in customization over the iOS platform.

Upkeep issue: Android takes fewer resources as compared with iOS when it comes to keeping apps updated with time.

Parting Words

After going through all the points, you can make your choice easily. As you can see, Android outwits iOS by way of several elements. Startups that opt for the Android platform can reach mass audiences, enhance ROI, and you can find more developers working to develop scalable and efficient Android apps.

And as we have already stated as an app development company in Australia, iOS has its specific attributes. But when it comes to starting the mobile app development journey, Android is the ultimate choice.

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