Also known as welders, welding machines are mainly used to generate heat which is used to melt metal parts in order for the parts to get joined.  That said, it is important to note that there are different types welding machines which are used to perform different functions. This is because there is no welding machine that can perform all the tasks in a welding project. The welding machine price in Kenya therefore varies in terms of the type and its function.

Below is an image of a welding machine:

The prices of the welding machines also relies on the dealers or suppliers. Mostly the cheapest goes for around ten thousand Kenyan shillings and the most expensive goes for between fifty thousand to sixty thousand Kenyan shillings.

In order to understand the difference in price it is important to understand the different types and the function of each welding machine so that you can get the right machine for your work.

The Gas Metal Arc Welding which is also known as MIG is famously known because it is easy to use. It uses a gas tank because it uses an external gas shield this welding machine can be used in various industries like robotics, construction and the automotive industry. However, it is important to note that this type of welding machine does not work well on painted materials as well as rusted surfaces. This means that it needs a properly cleaned surface for it to function properly.

The Shield Metal Arc Welding famously known as the stick machine is another common type. Mostly they have rods which are covered in flux which aids in protection from contaminants. They also do not have a gas tank. The stick machine works well even on rusted surfaces which reduces the time used to clean the surface. It can be used on materials like stainless steel.  This is the cheapest type of welding machine.

A Gas Tungsten Arc Welding machine is another type but it is slightly different from the rest because it requires multitasking. To control this machine the user needs to control the temperature by either increasing or decreasing it to the needed amps during work. It has an external gas shield which protects the molten metal from contaminants. This type of machine is often costly because it is slightly complicated to use. Different brands also vary in price depending on how much power the machine has. It is mainly used in piping systems, art and jewellery making.

The Flux Cored Arc Welding is unique in its own way because thee electrodes are continuously fed hence there is no need to stop and restart it when working. Thanks to the flux filled electrodes it can work both indoors and outside. This feature also makes the machine not require an external gas tank. You can however decide to use one in case you are dealing with thicker welds. These welders run on both DC and AC but the most recommended is the one with the AC because it lasts a bit longer. This type is mainly used in fabrication and construction.

From the above examples, the reasons behind the welding machine price in Kenya are clear. From the different types and functions the buyer is also able to know which machine suits them and in that case find the best dealer to go to.

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