Know The Future Of Web Hosting Companies From Entrepreneur Haider Ali Khan

There have been increasing demands from Web hosting companies these days; with the urgent digital requirement, there has been a lack of possible supply in this area. Still, Haider Ali Khan had established his own Web hosting company in 2014, launching Sudoly to promote a safer and secure alternative that is made available to everyone.

By definition, a Web hosting company is simply a service given out by the hosting provider, allocating space for individuals, companies, organizations, and certain institutions on their web servers. As the name suggests, it is completely online and requires all the people involved. But, what about the security factor? 

Since the beginning of time, security has been a very big issue, and cyber crimes are increasing in the current dates; and This is why different organizations and companies have all the more reasons to be pretty pressed about this. Sudoly is the perfect web hosting service provided by a cybersecurity expert and analyst, besides being a serial entrepreneur, Haider Ali Khan.

Haider Ali Khan is a well-known popular serial entrepreneur, who does not just invest in one particular kind of company, but several other ones. There are several other involvements in other websites, but he prefers keeping it all confidential for certain reasons. He was born in Pakistan, and currently, as an Australian national, he was brought up in WA in a very innovative manner. This young man in his late 20s has been working for almost a decade now, starting at the age of 18. This was when he decided that his main focus would be becoming an independent cybersecurity analyst first. The job was very well done. Indeed, he was quick enough to acknowledge his efforts and establish himself in several major technology companies by interacting with them, working for them, and also working with them. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook are no strangers to him; he even got his name listed on their bug bounty along with being a responsible disclosure Hall of Fame member. All these achievements might be too much, but it was just the beginning back then for him.

Slowly, as he built his website hosting company in 2014, it became quite popular because of its safety methods. Some are as big as GoDaddy and Bluehost. Then came along iLounge in 2019, when he bought the blog from its previous owner due to bankruptcy issues and popularised it in Apple technology news. He was running several news blogs by then.

However, the main focus of Haider Ali Khan has always been becoming an independent cybersecurity analyst, and owing to these qualities; he was able to expand his field. Now you know where to turn to if you need outstanding web hosting services with complete privacy security. Worry not; more than 50,000 websites have been hosted along with them from all over the globe. With the contact details listed below, you will surely derive a lot from him. Don’t just be safe, be secure, and be assured.

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