It is very important that before considering water pump prices in Kenya that we understand what a water pump is, the functions and the advantages. Water pumps are basically machines that are used to move or drain water from an area. It can also be used to fill swimming pools or dams. Water pumps can therefore be said to get rid of excess water or add water. They can also be referred to as a water control equipment that utilises evaporation and pumping to remove and drain water from tunnels, construction site, residential homes and buildings as well as riverbeds.

Another function of water pumps is that they play a major role in farming in the process of irrigation where they are used to move water from the source for example in a river or dam into the shamba where crops are planted.

Water pump prices in Kenya cost between 15,000 shillings to 100,000 Kenyan shillings. The cost totally relies on the brand of the water pump and the seller.

It is important to note that the water pump is made up of different parts. In that case, each part or component has its own function. At first, we have the body. This is the basic structure of the water pump and what we usually see. The body plays the role of holding the water. This is where the process of transferring water takes place. In that case, water pump bodies are made up of strong materials such as aluminium or iron which help withstand the pressure.

The pulley is another important part of the water pump of transferring the drive belt’s movements into the bearing spindle. The pulley thus receives the traction from the engine and plays the role of a medium between the two parts. The pulley is made up of steel or sheet metal to provide a lightweight, durable but strong pulley.

The spindle bearing on the other hand receives the turning force from the pulley and plays the role of transferring it to the body. The bearing is made up of metal balls and their design makes them turn easily. Most pumps have the roller ball bearings because they are more durable.

There is risk of corrosion in the water pump because of the water and the metal balls in the bearing. To avoid corrosion, the seal is installed. The seal protects the bearing from coming into contact with water. It does this by shutting the pump tightly because in case of a leak the water pump produces very little or no pressure at all resulting to its failure. Its function is keeping the pump intact.

Lastly, the impeller is used in the pump to increase the pressure and allow smooth flow of water inn the pump. How effective a pump is, depends on the specifications off the impeller. It decides the amount of pressure produced by the pump. This can be said to be the heart of the pump because without it the pump cannot work.

The advantages include using less time to get water to your crops, minimise the risk of water flooding in case of heavy rainfall as well as pumping water faster. Therefore, even when considering the water pump prices in Kenya, it is important to look out for the functions and advantages of the pump. This way, you will have great value for your money. For more information visit

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