An air compressor is a machine that increases the pressure of gas by performing the function of reducing its volume. An air compressor can also be called a gas compressor. The machine converts power using an engine like a diesel engine or electric motor. The converted power is turned to potential energy which is stored in compressed air.

An air compressor cost between ten thousand to about a hundred thousand Kenya shillings.

How does an air compressor work? The air compressor pushes air inside a storage tank which then increases the pressure as more air is forced inside. When the pressure has reached the upper limit inside the machine, it shuts down. The air is then held in the storage tank until it is needed for use.

The energy inside the compressed air is meant for various functions. It is used for utilizing the energy of the air which is kinetic as it is released as the tank depressurizes. As the pressure inside the tank gets to the minimum limit, the machine then turns itself on and repeats the whole process of pressurizing the tank. The air compressor is different from a pump because it only works with air and gases while a pump works on liquids like water.

It is important that before buying an air compressor  you should consider a few factors. Knowing your work environment is the first step. Since there are different types of compressors, knowing your environment will help you determine whether you need an electric motor or a compressor that uses a gasoline engine. Electric motors are however cheaper than gasoline engines and they require less maintenance. Gasoline engine offer increased portability on the other hand.

Choosing the right size is also very important. Air compressors come in various sizes. It is therefore advisable to get an air compressor that is medium because very small compressors waste a lot of time because off waiting for the air to fill and the pressure to build up after a short usage. Very big compressors on the other hand wastes resources because it takes time to fill up hence a lot of energy is required.

Planning for the future can also be a key point of consideration before getting an air compressor. The future involves the demand of the equipment on upcoming days. Evaluating your performance may require you to include or add technicians. In this case to accommodate a larger workload, a larger compressor is needed.

It is also important to get an air compressor that provides you with enough airflow. The airflow in a compressor is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute. The CFM output of your compressor should be less than the maximum output but greater than the operational CFM needed. Higher volumes and pressures naturally require a higher horse power, increased electrical components and a larger pumping system.

Lastly, choosing the right company or brand is very important. Different companies have compressors that differ in terms of their durability. Questions like how long the company has been in production, if the company has a good reputation of producing high quality compressors and the efficiency of the equipment should guide you into getting the right air compressor.

The above are some of the many factors to consider besides the air compressor prices in Kenya. The information will however help you get an air compressor that gives you value for your money.

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