Everything You Need to Know About N95 Mask

Introduction of N95 Mask

Right from the outbreak of the coronavirus, people have realized the need and value of masks in our day-to-day life. But what do we know about N95 respirators and why they are considered one of the best ways to prevent the virus? Why are these necessary? And, what are the certifications used for the N95 mask? This article will try to discuss all information related to N95 Mask, which can help you choose the correct masks according to your needs.

N95 masks are designed in such a way to reduce up to 95% of airborne particles from chemicals, vapors, dust, and other sources. These materials can enter your lungs whether indoors or outdoors. This is why it’s important to wear an N95 mask during all activities. If the person wearing a filter mask has the infection, since respiratory droplets are found inside the mask, it will decrease the risk of them transmitting it to someone. An N95 mask is  made from a synthetic polymer, which provides two elastic bands that go from around your head, as these are essential to keep the mask tight and fitted on your face

Types of N95 Mask

N95 Masks have always been in the market even before the pandemic but before they were structured as cone-style respirators whereas N95 Masks have always been flat when packed. These both are considered an effective way to prevent the virus, but N95 masks are more beneficial as they are easily portable and properly fit the user.

Key Factors that are required by the respirators to be effective:

1) The masks should be worn correctly when exposed to the environment

2) The masks should fit very properly to the users face as there should be no gap between the person’s skin and the seal of the respirator

3) The masks should filter 95% of all airborne particles with the air when passed through it

4) To know that your masks are working properly, you can even do a user seal check

User Seal Check

It is a procedure conducted by the user to check that the mask is properly worn, and the results can either be a positive or negative pressure. It can also be referred to as the fit check, but the consumer seal review’s sensitivity and accuracy are not adequate to substitute either appropriate test methods or qualitative test methods, which OSHA recognizes, or quantitative (29 CFR 1910.134). A consumer can only wear versions of respirators with and They also conducted a good fit test over the past year. Data from NIOSH shows that the additional care from a user seal search leads to better quality results.

Why are N95s Considered the King of Masks?

To know why N95s are considered as one of the best, we will discuss some advantages of N95 Mask.

1) Provides the best filtration– N95 mask provides airborne particles with 95 percent filtration, which makes them very safe from virus protection. It helps to tackle dust particles. N95 is designed in such a manner that it also helps you very quickly fight big and small airborne so that it can be easily worn for everyday uses by the customer.

2) Medical Researches– Various Researchers have clarified that the N95 Mask offers the best amount of protection due to its tight-fitting and filtering capacity. The virus, although it is often frequently carried in even larger spores, is smaller than pollen, bacteria, and soil. Therefore, masks made of cotton and plastic cloth, like surgical and N95 masks, would not cover you as well as fabrics with narrower pores and improved filtering.

3) Cost-effective- The beauty of having these N95 masks is that they are cost-effective for your healthcare needs. If you compare the costs of numerous N95 filters, this is particularly true. In general, when you use N95 filters to clean your home and office, you can save money on healthcare costs.

Difference between N95 and any other types of Masks

According to the various studies, As compared to the cloth mask N95s are very much more effective can also use surgical masks if you don’t have N95 available because any mask will provide much more protection than No mask, but a surgical mask cannot easily filter all small microbes very easily because of the fitting issues and no mask whether it is N95 or surgical should be decomposed after usage or when in contact with the patient which lead us and when are compared to Kn95 They both offers the users the same amount of protection that is they both filter 95% of microbes but with minor differences.

1) Exhalation Resistance- As compared to The N95, KN95 provides much more exhalation resistance with a max of 8% leakage, whereas due to tight-fitting, the exhalation resistance provided by the N95s are a little less.

2) Certifications-They both are certified by their respective govt as the Chinese government approves KN95 masks whereas N95s are certified by the U.S govt.


It is very important to make sure that you select the correct mask. If you are suffering from allergies and asthma, you can make sure you have the required anti-allergy or anti-histamine N95.  These are very distinct from KN95 masks that focus solely on preventing dust, pollen, and bacteria from penetrating the nose. You can weigh your needs and any benefits of the product and your intent before purchasing a mask and, as we discussed above, there’s lots of research that shows that N95 masks are effective and can help the user to prevent infection. You want to make sure that the mask you wear on a daily basis not only provides adequate protection, but is also comfortable for long durations. An Airflex mask is a reusable mask that not only exceeds the filtration standards of N95 masks, but is comfortable and stylish.

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