You must have seen construction companies using a piece of equipment that levels the surface and prepare it for the construction work, take for example road construction, there is usually a time in between the construction the ground is evened out before and after the tarmacking is done the equipment used is what is known as a plate compactor.


  1. In construction, uncompacted surfaces may resettle as a result of exposure to water, so imagine working in such kind of environment the possibility of causing major damage to concreate underneath is really high and hence the need for plate compactor in construction industries.
  2. Also, when doing the repair plate compactor happens to a very important machine, with a verity to choose for the smoothening of the surface is and that all areas are reached in most cases a hand-pulled or pushed compactor comes in handy.
  3. Plate compactor varies in sizes from a hand-pulled or pushed to a big automated machine, but what you will notice is despite the size of a plate compactor the principles at which it works remain the same.
  4. Also, those in the gardening field uses a piece of equipment that has a heavy metal base that is moved across the surface like if someone is mowing except in this instance is used in the evening of the surface before the gardening.


Single plate compactor

This kind of compactor are usually low level and easy to operate they are relatively cheap compared to the rest of compactors designs out there and are used by most homeowners out there, they however only move in one direction

Reversible plate compactor

The notable difference between this type of compactor and the single plate compactor is its ability to penetrate much deeper into the soil and in addition its capability to move in both directions

Heavy-duty plate compactor

Now you will find this to be the most intense in the compaction job normally used by large construction companies out there and they can penetrate way much deeper into the soil in the compaction of the surface


If you have a compaction task to carry out you might want to consider following the following steps in completing your compaction task

  1. Map your area, know the dimensions and boundaries
  2. Excavate your working area for rocks and debris
  3. Now you can prepare your sub-base for a much stable surface
  4. You now want to use the plate compactor to smooth out and even the surface
  5. You may need to moisten the surface but don’t overdo it otherwise you might break the surface again
  6. Once that is done you can begin paving
  7. Finally, you should inspect the surface for cracks signs


If at any point you are considering plate compactor price in Kenya,  then consider the following points before purchasing your plate compactor

  1. The size of the compactor should be in regards to the task at hand.
  2. The accessories that the compactor comes with some even have a water tank
  3. The cost of the plate compactor
  4. The use of the plate compactor
  5. The maintenance requirement that the compactor comes with

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