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Top Tips To Memorize Quran For an effective and efficient Quran Learning Experience

The Muslim Ummah needs to know about the Quran, as it is not only an obligation but provides numerous benefits here and hereafter and paves the path to righteousness. A great way to ensure that Quranic teachings have been imparted properly is through memorizing the Quran.  

Memorizing the Quran Online or Offline is a spiritual as well as a physical project that holds a strong position; it opens the hearts of Muslims towards knowledge, humanity and strengthens the faith further.

Moreover, since the Quran is a book that holds the answers to everything from past to future, memorizing it will make individuals capable and self-sufficient, making them non-reliant on others for answers and eliminating or reducing the chances of confusion from the many contradicting opinions that circulates. Plus, it perfects the Salah too and promises rewards in the world and hereafter.

As for non-religious benefits, memorizing the Quran through Quran Lessons or Self-learning boosts health, helps sharpen the memory, develops self-control, and provides numerous other benefits.

Though the benefits are extraordinary, exceptional, and appealing, memorizing the Quran can be a daunting task, as the book of Allah is lengthy and since Arabic is not the native language of most Muslims of the world, learning the language and the book can get overwhelming.

Therefore understanding the need to memorize the Quran and the challenges faced in doing so, we have curated a list of tips to learn Quran, which will facilitate an efficient and effective learning process.

Top 12 Tips to Memorize Quran 


It goes without saying that sincerity is the key to reaching success in any aspect of your life. Likewise, in knowing how to memorize Quran, the individual should pay closer attention to the intention of learning it.

If you memorize the Quran because of societal pressure to fit in, you may have a more challenging and longer time achieving your required goal. But if the intention is for the sake of Allah, to seek his pleasure, guidance, and mercy, learning will become more accessible, efficient, and for sure effective.

Sincerity is not a one-time factor that needs to be considered and prioritized; instead, it’s a continual element that required renewal to ensure the piousness of the intended and the benefits that come from it.

Likewise, believing is a crucial factor that is considered alongside sincerity; if you are sincere and have a good intention, all you are required to excel in your path is to believe that you can do it; you are capable enough to do it. Whether you have a good memory or not, memorizing the Quran is a doable task. Once you get into it, the memory starts to get better; the only condition is that you need not give up.

And there are many Quran classes offline and online whether you get Enrolled in Hifz Quran Classes offline or join an online Quran academy to Memorize Quran Online doesn’t matter, they will indeed facilitate you in your journey in memorizing and learning Quran, but it all comes to dine to believing in oneself and being sincere.


A Part of courage and achieving success is simply consistency. Often it is heard that consistency is the key to achieving the intended goal, which is true. Doing something repeatedly ensures a holistic process as it is being retained in your memory and subconsciousness.

Likewise, the frequent and consistent attempt of memorizing the Quran will not only make the learning process easier but quicker. However, all that is required is to learn at least 3 to 5 lines per day; in fact, having a Memorize the Qur’an Timetable helps to stay consistent.


Repeating the Quranic verses over and over or repeating the memorized verses repeatedly, or listening to the verses only again and again helps with memorization; the more you repeat, the more you retain.

Memorization is more effortless and efficient when it is exercised during the time, mind when it is fresh either earlier in the morning or after a workout session or any other, this depends on individuals, but it is undoubtedly an effective way. During this time, repetition of the verses is easy and quick. And remember not to take extended breaks, whether for hours or weeks, as it hinders the learning process.

Following are the ways that are many individuals swear by, methods that have helped them to memorize Quran adequately.

  • Memorizing Quran online and on your own (same verses in a day at different timings)
  • Revision of the previous seven days, just before starting memorization a new Surah. (it makes the brain connect new with old and helps to memorize it with easy)
  • Listen to the verses on repeat before going to bed.
  • Go through at least 4-5 pages every day, whether just going through the text by looking at it or listening to the recitation.


Timing plays a crucial role in doing things, especially when it comes to memorizing. Everyone functions differently at different paces throughout the day; some feel energetic and productive in the morning while others late at night.

Ideally, it is expected to memorize Quran early in the morning as it is considered the spiritual breakfast, but it is totally dependent on the individual is to when they think will be the best time for them to learn that will be both productive and convenient for them; as these two factors go hand in hand in ensuring a productive and effective memorizing process.

Furthermore, numerous HifzQuran Classes online are 24/7 available to facilitate students in their journey to memorizing classes, so if guidance over your productive timing, these online Quran classes will be the ideal option to do so without compromising on learning the comfort its productivity.


Memorizing anything is so much easier in a quiet distract-free place, as it allows all the senses to be active and facilitating the process. And when it comes to memorizing Quran, the spiritual learning process requires more focus, concentration, and alertness, which can only be achieved in comfort and quietness.

Whether you decide to memorize Quran by going to a quiet place or be in the comfort of your home, be sure to turn off all the distractive elements such as mobile phones and other alternatives, because no matter how confident you may be with having electronic and people around you, no one can memorize the Quran correctly with distractions.


The best way to start the memorization process, especially for the Quran, is to surround oneself with recitation; listening to verses on repeat will help retain the verse, its tonality ad pronunciation in mind subconsciously and consciously. This will allow for better and quicker memorization of the Quran when. Listening to the Quran multiple times throughout the day will surely do the trick.

Another way to learn how to memorize Quran is through looking. It’s the same process as listening; in fact, both methods go hand in hand and ensure an effective outcome.

When you listen to the Quranic recitation, open up the Quran, place it in front of you and see the text in which the verses are being played. This will help lock the text with the recitation of it in the brain, and if you are learning on your own, it’s a great way to guarantee that the words are being pronounced correctly as a wrongly pronounced word changes the meaning of the text word and ultimately the verse.  


There is no denying that the best way to memorize anything is by understanding what it says; as the saying goes, ‘Understanding is half memorizing.’ And since there are millions of millions non-Arabic Muslims in the world, the best and effective way for them to memorize the Quran is why getting familiar with the translation.

One of the pro tips for memorizing the Quran that many Quran experts swear by is matching the Arabic words with their meaning to kick start the learning, learning, and understanding process with


A really interesting way to memorize things is by associating words/phrases with a scene or imagine how that word looks like based on the meaning. This method is usually catered towards children as it helps them to learn things very fast. Hence this proven effective method can be applied to foster a quicker and effective memorizing process, irrespective of age.

Another effective way that comes into the same category is memorizing verses by marking words and verses. And remember to have a standard or small size Quran as human brains assume that the shorter or small the thing is, the easier and quicker it will be consumed. Plus, having a smaller version of the Quran is easy to carry around, and you can memorize the verses on the go or when you are free.  

The last thing you should know is that form habits surrounding the memorization process are exclusive to it. For example, set a Memorize the Qur’an Timetable, and during that time either have a coffee/tea/soda or anything else. These associations help the brains link that practice with memorization and quickly set the mood. Having a ritual of this sort or any others has proven to be very effective.


Memorizing the Quran is a challenging task, daunting even, and the frustration that comes from not retaining the verse that is being learned/recalled repeatedly is understandable. But despite that, it is advised not to skip any surah and quickly go through with it just for the sake of getting the Quran finished.

Plus, skipping through any verse for any reason actually results in an unsatisfied feeling that hinders the further portions and overall learning process.

Therefore it is recommended that if memorizing a specific surah or verse gets challenging, use assistive tools such as recitations or guidance from expert tutors for assistance.


There is no hard and fast rule that you have to memorize Quran with a friend; it can be done with anyone. The whole point of having a companion is that collaborative learning is not only effective and efficient, but it also brings out a competitive side of individuals. This competitive element works like a driving force that helps with learning exceptionally well.

Plus, not to mention, having someone around acts as a support system that fosters a better learning environment.


Practice indeed makes things perfect, but to know the progress, it is expected to be tested to see where you stand.

Hence last but certainly not least, to see how effective your memorization has been, you can recite them during your Salah; this will help you to correctly identify that whether you have learned t perfectly or lacking somewhere. If you are unfortunately at the latter stage, you can go back again to strengthen that specific surah instead of going through the whole Quran again.

You can also test yourself randomly and see where you stand or ask someone else like a family or friend to take your oral test, preferably regularly, for regular feedback, which will for sure help with the consistency and overall adequacy of the memorization.

And if you happen to memorize Quran Online or are going to Hifz Quran Classes class, you must be a custom to regular tests from your Quran tutor, which will not only correct you but guide you further to ensure perfect memorization of the Quran.


Learning and memorization Quran is a notable and praiseworthy initiative, and since we want everyone to excel in this journey, we thought to facilitate you with one of the best hack/tips to memorization the Quran.

And this is to start memorizing from the back of the Quran, as the surahs are relatively shorter, easy to remember, and most of them are the ones that we are familiar with. This helps boost confidence and paves a path for a quick, motivated, and effective learning process.

It is suggested by many Quran experts to divide the Quran into three parts for better understanding and effective memorization;

  • Juz 28, 29, 30, or just Juz 29, 30
  • Surah Al-Kahf till Juz 28
  • Surah Al-Baqara to Surah Al-Kahf

And with that, we wish you all the very best for your Quran journey and happy Quran memorization! Hope these “Top tips to memorize Quran” helps.

Shahbaz Ahmed
Author: Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

About Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

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