Victory does not follow a time clock – The Success Story of Ravi Rajapaksha

The year 2020 has been challenging for everyone personally as well as professionally. From days of being stuck at home to seeing businesses shut down, the list of misery seems endless. But despite all this, some entrepreneurs kept innovating and focused on their work. Some were very young. Here comes a good example for a young entrepreneur who had taken the public eye in Instagram, Ravi Rajapaksha. His victory did not follow a time clock. At the age of 25, he has successfully invaded the Instagram business and he loved to share all secrets becoming successful in the field at a very young age.

Ravippriya Dileep Sandakalum Rajapaksha or we know him well as Ravi Rajapaksha, a young Sri Lankan entrepreneur, brand strategist, marketer, PR expert, and writer who was born on the 27th of August 1996. Most astonishingly, this young talent is the CEO of Nextenco, a marketing agency that supports entrepreneurs to unlock their potential in social media especially Instagram and also the founder of Sri Lankan Elephant Safari Tour agent.

We can say Ravi is an all-rounder, plus he has a passion for traveling. He synchronized all his talents and passion in traveling, where it gave him many victories and exceptional output. He always tries to bring something new and able to earn a good social media reputation for his creations through Instagram. He is an unbelievably talented social media influential character who never fails to surprise his viewers with his creative content. With the aid of Instagram, he has been able to earn a good social media reputation for his creations. Ravi has established a great personality in the digital marketing field. Because of that, he handles space in social media expertly as a tastemaker and an innovator.

Here’s what he shared with us regarding his Instagram life; “I merged my digital marketing skills to draw attention from the followers. Surprisingly, my Instagram filters have gone viral around the world and reaching more than ten million users in a short period of time. From that moment I understood Instagram is the most important social media platform where I can grow with the time”.

He works with individuals and companies as a brand maker and marketer to create brands and get featured on social media. As a well-known Instagram influencer, he has always made effort to influence his followers in the travel and tourism industry. The promotion of the Sri Lanka Air Balloon is a prime example of his success in such campaigns.

According to his point of view on new ventures, although he has observed many startups in various fields, many of these entrepreneurs initiated those startups with many hopes and lose their drive along the way and begin to delay the work. Further, he added even though many individuals with well established businesses and great records do not feature as they hope. As a solution, he suggested having someone that can guide those entrepreneurs though out the way without trying to figure it out all by themselves. Then he said it could make a huge difference to their startup since an external party will look at their business from another point of view and identify the errors that they were unable to note. This is the point where Nextenco comes to the field. Ravi says he is able to help such entrepreneurs to make their business get featured through his new venture Nextenco.

Ravi strongly believes that Nextenco is an opportunity to control the community’s point of view towards entrepreneurs’ brand or business and position within their market. This is what he further said with us; “Usually clients do not wish to work and spend money for you just because you have a clear-cut title or you are a recognized internet professional. What they need is to get the experience via working with you and then they will start to believe that you are a trustworthy expert in the field. If you join hands with me, Nextenco will help businesses to grow their online presence by getting them published on Forbes, Yahoo, Bloomberg, GQ, Vogue, FOX, IBT, CBS, NBC, and many more international premium news medias and magazines  in less than 24 hours”.

He has driven his business on a new track with the intention of ​​developing relationships with other high ranking marketing agencies in the Instagram marketing field. Since Ravi and his agency Nextenco have a high reputation in the marketing field he was able to join hands with other reputed agencies without any obstacles. Ravi is confident that if you perform well and do creative things as long as you care about your competitors, they will definitely join hands with you if they cannot beat you. With all these achievements Ravi and his marketing agency, Nextenco can become a progressive agency with rich organic traffic and Instagram followers.

Ravi said with us Instagram is the blooming online business platform compared to other social media platforms so far. When we asked what might be the reasons for saying so, he replied; “At the early stages before COVID 19 pandemic situation, many have relied on offline marketing strategies. Therefore in the wake of this fatal epidemic, small businesses were severely threatened. People were stuck at homes without any help. So everyone was searching for new methods to continue their businesses and little by little they all were started to move online and gathered around social media platforms like Instagram where a huge group of potential clients able to be attracted. Instagram realized the seriousness of the crisis and added several new features, such as adding new links to additional resources so that it could be re-tested with the latest information. This is why I believe Instagram is a booming business.

Recently, Ravi has launched an eBook “How to gain Profits on Instagram for Small Business” including all the secret tactics which help to start an Instagram business for all the interested entrepreneurs. This book will act as a self-guide to all Instagrammers to start their own startup without support from anyone.

While studying Ravi’s character we understood that he is an exceptional thinker who had many creative ideas and an expert in PR who has already earned the attention of the majority of the people. It proves because he has worldwide following base on instagram. Isn’t it wonderful to be a success at such a young age?

All over our conversation what we understood is Ravi Rajapaksha the young entrepreneur is willing to help raise other entrepreneurs who have lost their route inside the online platforms while searching for new ventures. He repeatedly said with Instagram he will help them to make a success in this digital world.

Text Box: .”New and young minds like Ravi are frequently experimenting with new things in this ever changing world will be a huge success in the future. One must have very innovative and creative ideas to get recognized in the field of Instagram. Ravi is already famous among Instagrammers and he is a huge hit in this field! Being a young successful entrepreneur Ravi proves that he is the best person suits for the statement “Victory Does Not Follow a Time Clock”. We wish him all the success in his journey.

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