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Top 5 AC Repair Tips

Top 5 AC Repair Tips for Homes in Louisiana

It is necessary to get your AC repaired in the summer. It is because AC is the requirement of almost all the houses in the summer season so that the houses could be made comfortable and cool. You must hire an expert or professional company to repair your house in Louisiana or any other city you live in. If you have knowledge regarding repairing and maintenance of air conditioners, you should follow all the safety precautionary measures to perform this task.

Here are some of the tips that can be helpful for repairing the AC for homes in Louisiana:

1. Check the Thermostat

You must check the thermostat which is considered the first and most important task to perform. You should check its working and operations. If it is not working properly, you might change it. Improper working of the thermostat does not maintain the right temperature of your house. You can also hire any professional to check the thermostat.

The major purpose of a thermostat is to turn the temperature higher and higher. The AC is not turned off by it. It helps you to make your house cool in just half an hour. It can provide you a comfortable and cool environment in the summer. So, you should repair it first while repairing the AC unit.

2. Clean the Air Filters

While repairing your air conditioner, you must also clean its air filters. It is necessary to clean them because they do not work properly if they consist of dust. All the dirt and dust must be removed from the air filters. You will feel a change in the cooling of your AC unit after cleaning the air filters.

You can clean them by using a brush. You can also wash them in a sink. You should make sure that the size of the sink is not smaller than the size of the air filters. If the air filters are damaged, you must replace them and install new air filters. You must clean the air filters twice or thrice a month to let them work efficiently.

3. Clean the Outdoor Unit

You should also clean the outdoor unit of the AC which is placed outside. You can hire the best air conditioning companies in Louisiana to get the best AC repair services. Cleaning the outside unit is necessary because it may not work properly because of dust, leaves, dirt, etc. in it. If there is dirt in it, it results in reducing the airflow and decreasing the capacity of the system.

For cleaning this unit, you must turn off the AC unit. You should remove the main switch of the AC unit so that it could be disconnected from the main breaker panel of your house. You can use a garden hose for washing out all the dirt from the outside unit of your AC. You should not use a power washer to clean it because it will get damaged.

You should cut off all the shrubs, plants, and leaves near the outside unit of your AC. You should also make minor repairs to the outside unit if required. You should prevent the leaves and plants from entering the outside unit of the AC.

4. Check Internal Connections

You should check the internal connections of your AC unit while repairing it. All the wiring and the internal components must be checked. If any wire of the AC unit has been dislocated, your air conditioner may not work efficiently and the airflow may also get reduced.

You should check the internal connections by turning the power off. You have to remove the access panel of your AC unit to check the internal wires and components. The internal wires may be damaged or melted due to overheating. You should tighten the electrical connections of the AC unit.

You must have the necessary tools to be used for repairing the wires and the internal components. If you cannot perform this task yourself or it seems risky to you, you must call a professional to get this work done.

5. Examine the Fan of the Condenser Unit

You must check the fan of the condenser unit of your air conditioner. If you are repairing your AC, you should not neglect this fan. It is because it plays a vital role in maintaining the airflow of your air conditioner. You must check the shape of the fan of the condenser unit. If it is in poor shape, it may not work properly to cool your house.

You have to check the condition of this fan. You can perform this task by turning off the power of your AC unit. You should repair the fan to bring it back to its original shape so that it could work efficiently. But if this fan cannot be repaired or has been damaged, you must replace it. You can change the blades of this fan.


You should repair your air conditioner every summer. If you want your AC to cool your house, you should clean its components. You should clean the air filters, outside unit, internal components, etc. You can also call a professional company to repair your AC unit. 

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