The importance of online reviews

We live in a digital era and before doing anything we first consult the internet. If a person is willing to spend some amount of money on electronic devices, makeup, clothes, etc. they always look for reviews online.

People depend so much on the internet now that reading positive reviews encourage them to buy certain products and negative reviews might make them change their decision about buying products.

Let’s take a look at some factors that are influenced by online reviews.

They increase your authority:

When people are thinking about buying a certain product, they look for its reviews on Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. All these websites have an algorithm that shows the products that stay active on the first page of the search engine results page.

If you stay active and keep on receiving reviews, your ranking increases and hence more people are able to view your product in the top search results. This way you can also acquire more consumers.

They increase your trustworthiness:

Positive reviews tell others that your product is trustable and can be used without any issues. Some people solely base their decision of buying a product on the reviews it has received.

Therefore, if your product has a huge number of positive reviews and has a rating of 4-star or above, more customers will be attracted to your product. However, if a product keeps on receiving negative reviews, the business might not be able to flourish.

Also, if you have positive reviews, people who are opting for online shopping will want to buy your products as they will trust the reviews that were posted by other users.

They play a role in the increase and decrease of your sales:

Yes, online reviews indeed play a major role in the pattern of your sales. People instead of asking their friends and family about a product look at the reviews that are given by other users.

These reviews can be seen on platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc. When people see positive reviews about a product they are more inclined towards buying it. For instance, if someone has no idea about mobile phones, but wants to buy one without any assistance. Instead of looking elsewhere, that person will look at the reviews that the mobile phone has gotten online. This will help them judge the quality of the product and will help them make a decision. Therefore, if your product keeps on getting positive reviews you will see a boom in your sales.

Similarly, at times these reviews might affect the sales of the product negatively. If a product keeps on receiving negative reviews and bad rankings, people will definitely not want to risk buying it.

They help you communicate with consumers:

When users post reviews about a product they wish to receive a response from the company. This is the case especially when a consumer posts a negative review.

Now, this opens up a way of communication between a consumer and a company. If someone posts a negative comment and the company responds to that and lends a helping hand to the consumer, people will take this as a good gesture.

They will think that the company truly cares about its customers and will be inclined to buy from the said company. Also, this will help companies understand the problems that consumers face while using their products and they will work towards fixing those issues.

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