Three Best-Practices to Align Web Development With SEO

Even though the fact is that SEO experts are the ones who decide the best strategies for ranking a website organically, the execution of the work is performed mostly by web developers. This means that the success of your team depends on these two teams maintaining a positive relationship at work. A good working relationship is significant not only when things are going smoothly but it is critical if things go wrong. Good advice to the SEO expert is to be friends with the web designer. Let’s check out some practices that need effective collaboration between web developers and SEO experts.

1. Write unique title tags

Although writing title tags may appear to be straightforward it is significant for SEO. A well-written and high-quality title tag boosts your ranking in the search engines. The compelling title tag influences several people to click on your result in the SERPs. It means better CTR or Click Through Rate. Having a properly composed title is more likely to generate a higher number of clicks. Google is always looking to rank content that is a match for the intention of the searcher. Checking both these things from your list is bound to improve the ranking. If you need any changes your web developer can implement the changes to the tags during an update.

Writing the title tags of a website is a mixture of science and art. The title must give a clear direction to Google to entice the searchers to reach your site. You should have numbers in the tags as much as possible. They can be anything such as dates or data. Occupy space but it should not be too much. SEO experts recommend the use of 50 to 60 characters for your title tags. If you make use of too many characters it will truncate the words in the title and the title is important for attracting clicks. Try to have a call for action on the page. Indeed, this takes a lot of time and effort therefore you could consider monthly SEO packages that offer great services that will certainly increase the growth of your company.

2. Make sure that the website loads quickly and safely

Website loading time affects the search ranking of your website. It is more due to the negative impact of slower websites. When you have a medium or fast-loading site you will not notice any difference in the page loading speed and it will not affect the ranking too much either. But keep in mind that the speed of the website has a great influence on the behavior of the user. For example, if a site, such as WinZip, takes even slightly longer to load it will certainly lose many of the visitors.

Can you imagine several people looking at a website on slow internet, in a subway with 27 browser tabs open? Although website speed is just a small contributor to the score in the eyes of Google algorithm it is a massive success metric. Because it is an important component, you have to make sure that you are allocating enough resources to web development, to ensure an optimal user experience. Also you could make use of a VPN to make sure that your website performs safely. You can learn more about VPNs if you want to ensure that you make the best choice in securing your online  presence.

Both perceived and real page speeds are affected by a range of factors and many of them are at the mercy of the developer. You can minimize the JavaScript and at the same time optimize the CSS utilized for the website for improving the speed. You can reduce the size of the images by compressing them as far as possible and of course without sacrificing their quality. Also, use HTTP/2 for receiving several responses across a single connection.

3. Develop a mobile-friendly website

Google takes the use of mobile phones seriously. This is because a greater part of Google searches occurs on mobile devices. So, Google provides a bit of an advantage to the website that is compatible with mobile phones. It is also believed that Google decides the ranking based more on mobile searches and not desktop searches. A good mobile experience is useful both for customers and Google. You need to have responsive websites and the website must have a separate mobile subdomain. After you have built your company’s website then you will be ready to develop software that meets the needs of your customers. In order to give your customers the best experience, you should contact a custom software development company that will undoubtedly develop the software application or software system that you want.


After you have understood the relationship between web development and SEO you are advised to set up a meeting with the teams working on SEO and web development. You can begin a collaboration to create systems that will ensure the successful working of the website. If the web development team is struggling to implement the SEO recommendations there are certain resources available online to help you out.

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