Edwin Rosen Strives For Further Success With “Verschwende deine Zeit”

German dance producer Edwin Rosen makes another appearance on Berlin indie label IRRSINN with his next single “Verschwende deine Zeit” – translated to “Waste Your Time.” His fifth single to date, the producer has now found himself at over three million streams with his last record that dropped at the start of this year.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Joy Division and Molchat Doma, Rosen makes music that fuses post-punk and futuristic electronica. With an emphasis on melody, his heavy rock influences can be heard throughout this latest record. He says:

“You might not hear it now, but Blink-182 were a very important band for me. They made me want to make music on my own. ‘Through All Of This’ on which Robert Smith sings, I then discovered The Cure. Besides, I’m a skater and I watched a lot of skater videos using Cure songs or New Order. Then when I started making music, I really wanted to be able to record everything on my own, that influenced the instrumentation a lot, of course.”

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