16 hacking abbreviations and their definitions

If you’re new to hacking, you’ll be surprised at how many technical terms are thrown around. Not to mention the length of the list of abbreviations. It will help you as a new hacker, get familiar with these abbreviations and also what they mean. The list consists of some of the most popular and essential hacking abbreviations and short forms.

DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a more lethal type of DoS attack that employs a botnet to mount an attack on the victim.


Certified Ethical Hacker is an EC-Council certification that is broadly supported as a symbol of a proficient ethical hacker. It is well known as CEH certification.


Remote access tool (RAT) is an abbreviation for remote access trojan (RAT). It is a trojan that allows a hacker to take complete control of a system from a secret site. It is also used as a tool for the same purpose, but with a non-malicious intent.

The Department of State (DoS)

A denial of service attack is a type of cyber attack in which a hacker floods the target with non – essential traffic.


SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a database management language. Sql injection attacks are a common type of cyber threat in which the attacker can manipulate the database into revealing information by using unsanitized input.


A man in the middle cyber attack occurs when a hacker inserts himself or herself among two parties having a discussion. The attacker handles the communication in MITM, unknown to the parties.

XSS is an abbreviation for Cross-Site

Cross-site scripting, or XSS, is a type of attack in which the scammer inserts malicious code into reputable sites.

TLS stands for Transport Layer Security

Transport Layer Security (TLS), formerly known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), is a type of cryptographic security used in digital communication.

MAC (Macintosh Computer)

MAC is an abbreviation for Media Access Control. It is both an unique id and a physical address for a pc, but unlike an IP address, it is related to the hardware rather than the software. The MAC address is assigned to your computer’s NIC (Network Interface Controller).

HTTPS is an abbreviation for Hypertext

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is an HTTP extension. HTTPS websites are more safe than HTTP websites because their conversation is encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security).


A virtual machine is a representation of the physical computer that can function as a computer within the same computer.

End of Life (EOL)

EOL is an abbreviation for “end of life.” It is also referred to as End of Life or End of Service. This refers to software that has reached the end of its life cycle and will no longer be supported by the manufacturer. Using EOL software poses a significant security risk because any vulnerabilities discovered in such software will not be patched by the manufacturer.

Slip and fall

This term refers to hackers who have little or no the technical skills required to perform highly developed hacks. To target systems and networks, these hackers rely on pre-existing scripts or backdoors created by other hackers.

Nmap is a network mapper

Nmap, also referred to As network Mapper, is a well-known tool for penetration testing and network exploration. It learns about both the hosts and services that are active on a system.

EC-Council is an abbreviation for the European Commission

The EC-Council, an abbreviation for the International Council for Electronic Commerce Consultants, certifies individuals in cybersecurity skills. It also offers students interested in ethical hacking training, computer forensics and incident handling training, network defense training, and other training programs.

OSINT is an abbreviation for Open Source

This is an acronym for Open Source Intelligence. It is one of the first steps in hacking where a hacker uses open-source techniques to learn as much as possible about its target.

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