Suso FW Gives a Glimpse of His Future Plans in the Music Industry

Suso FW is a music composer and singer who has delivered back-to-back hits in a single year. He released two famous songs, Lonesome and Credit, on YouTube and became an overnight sensation. It comes as a surprise that he managed to achieve so much before turning twenty. But his success didn’t come so quickly. He had to work through several obstacles and deal with tons of rejections before reaching the Promised Land. Now that he had made a mark in the industry, he has various plans to make his opportunity count and keep his fans happy with his music.

A student of the game

Hard work, perseverance, and eagerness to learn can make you a different person altogether. Most people will say that you need to have formal education in music if you want to stand out in the crowd. But Suso FW went against all odds and delivered back-to-back hits without any formal education. 

He spent his teenage life learning how to extract tracks, operate digital audio workstations, mix audios, and master vocals. His parents didn’t have enough money to send him to music school. But that didn’t deter him from following his passion.

Suso FW was relentless at creating music. The more he learned about mixing beats and vocals online, the more he experimented with his workstation. He would create hundreds of tunes every week and record them in case any producer liked them later. But now, Suso FW not only wants to keep making music, but he also wants to enroll himself in a music school. 

He says, “Formal education does make a difference. It’s still easy to deliver a couple of hits and become a sensation. But without proper knowledge about music, you can’t sustain your success for long. I love music with everything I have. Sure, it took more than eight years to get the limelight, but now that I have it, I don’t want to lose it because I want to keep making my fans happy.”

Suso FW’s struggles in the music industry

As already mentioned, Suso FW had to overcome a lot of rejections before becoming famous. However, rejections didn’t dampen his spirits. He wanted to carry on producing music and hoped that someday someone would appreciate what he was making. Fortunately, JP Soundz and Lone Wolf decided to give him his first break. And that was the chance he had been waiting for. His song, Lonesome, became a worldwide hit.

When asked about his rejections, Suso FW said, “Most production houses told me I was too young and advised me to get a formal education in music before coming back to them. Well, they weren’t wrong, but I wish they had given me a chance. I don’t regret anything now, but it’s sad how young talents don’t deserve the opportunity. Maybe I would have made a few more songs by now had I been given a chance earlier in my career.”

Suso FW believes that he can keep making his fans happy with his music in the future. He now knows the type of songs they like and plans to stick to his unique style.

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