Is there a story behind the single? 

            Cut you loose definitely practically wrote itself. While there isn’t a clear story, I wanted to get at the feeling of being trapped in where you are in life and breaking out of that. It can be hard to grow when you are doing the same things over and over again. And even when I want to change, I end up not changing. Overall, the song is about the push and pull of change and growth.

How would you sum up your sound in three words? 


Which artist has had the biggest impact on your sound? 

            A very difficult question, but I would say phoebe bridgers!

Aside from other music, what inspires you? 

            I would say philosophy! As a philosophy major, I find myself frequently contemplating large questioning. I get a lot out of reading philosophy. Aside from philosophy, I would say experience is a big source of inspiration.

When did you know you wanted to be an artist? 

            I don’t think there was ever a clear-cut time quite frankly. Music comes so naturally. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I will always have that urge to write a song. Writing songs for me is about giving an emotion or an experience its own space to exist. So, to answer the question, I guess I am an artist by default – or by necessity.

How does your new project compare to your other contributions to the music industry?

            My new project, junebug, is centered around my own songwriting; however, my songwriting process is often contingent upon others. I love working with other artists and musicians. The project junebug, while it is centered around my own songwriting, gives space for collaboration. I also wanted to do music under a new name because I didn’t want to market myself, I wanted to market what I create. That distinguishment has been helpful for me.

If you could make one change in the world with your music, what would it be? 

            I hope to make people think. I love songs that make you think or contemplate whatever it may be – maybe that’s the philosophy major in me.

Can you tell us a little about your debut EP? 

            My debut EP titled ‘Turncoat’ is a series of songs that I’ve been holding onto for a while. They track my growth throughout college as a person and as a songwriter. I recorded the EP as this strange hippie commune called The Land in Stony Point, NY with my drummer Max Rubenstein during the pandemic. We worked with Gary Solomon at his home studio. Being in nature and just doing music was so fitting to the vibe of the whole EP. I’m really excited to finish it up and put it out into the world. It’s quite an intimate, raw, and vulnerable EP.

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