How Fast Do We Digest Carbs?

Carbohydrates, also known as carbs are known to be one of the main sources of energy in our bodies. They come in food with sugar, plant foods, and even starches that we ingest. Carbohydrates are tasked to be broken down into sugar or glucose which serves as the body’s main energy source, though this is a really good thing, too many carbs can actually do more harm to you than good.

The speed at which we digest these carbs take a great effect on how bodies look and perform in our lifetimes. Some dissolve carbs very slowly and some are fast at digesting carbs. For example, if you see a more lean, and quick parkour runner, you can definitely assume that due to their physical activity that they are bound to process carbs very quickly versus the typical couch potato, due to their more lax behavior, their bodies tend to process carbs differently and they tend to get broken down a lot slower

In this guide, you will be given 3 tips on how to make your body digest and break down carbs a lot faster, while at the same time maintain a healthy lifestyle,

Focus on Eating Food that Gives You Fast Digesting Carbs

Food classified under Fast Digesting Carbs include potatoes, bananas, pineapples, kiwis, berries, almond milk, even white rice. This classification of food is called fast-digesting carbs because even though they still give our bodies carbohydrates, they are not difficult for the body to break down and benefit from. If you create a diet around these fruits, the energy you will naturally have in your body and the healthiness will definitely show. You will not only have a very healthy fuel for your body, but your skin will also heavily benefit from these foods since they are not too oily and will not cause any breakouts or additional damage to your skin, instead they have the tendency to heal your skin for you.

Consistent Physical Activity

Consistent physical activity is your body’s way of keeping your immune system healthy and your metabolism productive. If you consistently work out, your body will begin to process foods naturally and have no issues breaking down different food into the healthy carbohydrates that they can be. For example, 30 minutes of biking to improve your cardio, will not just fix your breathing, but it also wakes up your body and gives you the feeling of doing even more exercise. Doing physical activity is one thing, but following through with consistency is a whole other thing. If you are able to create a habit and really improve your daily physical activity, your body will thank you for processing your food better and giving you even more fuel to keep going. 

Nutrition Knowledge

Make sure that you do your research on the food that your body needs to boost its immune system and still digest as quickly as possible. You have to look into what makes the body tick and how you can improve it. If you are hoping to find the right resources to find these foods, then you are definitely in the right place, the internet is filled with different lists and topics discussing how digesting carbs is a whole wave that will improve the lives of everyone who just take the time out and research on how to be more nutritious.

So, after going through those tips and factors in speeding up your metabolism you have all the opportunity to switch up your diet a bit and make it fit a more carb-less diet, or at least focus t n the fast processing carbs that won’t give your body a hard time in the long run.

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