Here Are 15 Workouts You Can Do with Exercise Bands

Doing exercise workouts with bands is a great way to maximize intensity and speed up results. Not only do band workouts increase the appearance of muscle toning, but they also strengthen muscles that don’t show. This is what makes them so effective.

For example, rather than simply training the superficial rectus-abdominal, also known as the six-pack muscle, it also trains your inner core musculature. Resistance bands are designed to exercise all of your muscles as a group, giving you strength and stability. 

Ab Workouts with Bands

5 of the best ab band workouts to amplify your core muscles!

Bicycle Crunch

Targets: lower abs, oblique’s

How to:  Lie on your back, loop the band around your feet. Crunch your elbow up to your opposite knee, and stretch the spare leg away from your stomach. Repeat on both sides. 

Horizontal Scissors

Targets: lower abs

How to: Lie on your back with the band looped around your calves. Raise up your legs, and separate them outwards simultaneously. 

Partial Deadlift

Targets: middle core, upper abs

How to: In a standing position, keep your feet together and stand on the band. Hold on to the other end with your hands, lend your back forward into a 90-degree position and lift up. 

Mountain Climbers

Targets: middle core, lower abs

How to: Begin in a high plank position with the band looped around your toes. Bring your right leg up to your chest, tighten your core, and return to the original position, then bring your left leg up. Repeat. 

Side Plank Leg Raises

Targets: oblique’s

How to: Lie partially on your side, supporting yourself up with your elbow and wrist. Loop the band around your calves, and lift your outer leg upwards.

Leg Workouts with Bands

5 of the best all-rounder band workouts for leg muscles!

Horizontal Band Steps

Targets: quads, hip-abductor muscles

How to: Start in a standing mid squat position with the band around your thighs. Step horizontally in one direction, then switch the other way. 

Standing Glute Kickbacks

Targets: glutes, hamstrings

How to: In a standing position with the band around your ankles, singularly bring one leg backward until there is resistance. Repeat on the other leg. 

Hip Bridges

Targets: glutes, hamstrings

How to: Lying on your back, with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Have the band around your thighs and separate them until there is resistance. Lift your body up and down using your legs. 

Jack Squats

Targets: glutes, quads, calves

How to: Have the band around your thighs, go from a standing position to a squat, push up from the floor into a jump. 


Targets: glute, quads

How to: Lie on your side, with your legs together and knees bent. Have the band just above your knees, and lift your outer leg upwards. 

Arm Workouts with Bands

5 of the best workouts to increase upper body strength!

Bicep Curls

Targets: biceps, triceps

How to: Sitting down, have the band underneath your foot. Hold on with your first facing upwards and elbow bent, and pull. 


Targets: shoulders, chest, back

How to: Using a two-handled band, stretch your arms out in front of you, then simultaneously reach your arms outwards and back in.

Single Front Arm Raise

Targets: shoulders

How to: Standing up, have one foot placed on the band. Put one arm out in front of your, elbow straight, wrist facing upwards, and pull. 

Overhead Resistance Stretch

Targets: triceps, back

How to: Standing up, reach your arms up above you, and hold one side of the band in each hand. Simultaneously stretch your arms outwards to level with your shoulders, still pointing to the sky. 

Bow and Arrow

Targets: shoulders, triceps, chest

How to: Hold one side of the band in each hand. Straighten one arm fully in front of you to the side, and stretch the other arm backward as if firing an arrow. 


Repeating these exercise band workouts once a day or a few times a week, with 12 to 14 reps each time will give you the results that you’ve always wanted!

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